Top 10 Healthcare Jobs in Canada 2022

Healthcare Jobs in Canada 2022 are at an increase. And the Canadian Government is doing everything possible to make it easier for competent healthcare foreigners to come to Canada for jobs.

The healthcare sector in Canada has ranked as one of the best public systems in the world. Recently, because short-staffed qualified workforce in Canada, there has been an increase in request for workers in the healthcare district, due to the ageing population of citizen and foreigners.

And, because of the short-handed for healthcare staff, Canada government is always looking for competent health workers to join and refine its workforce. If you are contemplating a career in healthcare, Below are the list of the best healthcare jobs in Canada:

Best Healthcare Jobs in Canada 2022

These are the healthcare sectors in Canada which have been listed below:

  1. Nurses practitioner
  2. Pharmacists
  3. Paramedics
  4. Physician/Surgeon
  5. Opticians
  6. Radiologist and MRI Technicians
  7. Physical Therapist
  8. Veterinarian

With regard to the best healthcare jobs in Canada, we will look at the following factors listed below:

Career growth:

Every citizen wants a skilful job where they can grow in their careers. And, most jobs in the healthcare industry allow one to grow his/her career, and basically there are a lot of opportunities for career advance.


Basically, most healthcare jobs require years of basic training and schooling, to enable them high earning potential. Which has reacted for most medical facilities to pay for:

  1. Overtime
  2. And have a quality pay raise system.

And, as long as a person skilful and advanced in their professional goals, then you will benefit from its profitable earnings in healthcare system.

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Meanwhile, there is a lot of flexibility in most healthcare professions. And at the advanced period, you can choose to generally run a licensed private healthcare office. In addition to this, you can also choose to work with a medical capacity at programme hours.

Personal satisfaction:

In some occasion, most healthcare jobs require helping citizens to solve health complication, by showing care and committed with patients. And, with regard to this, patients and their families in return show, also show gratitude in some occasion, which makes the healthcare career more rewarding and its sense of satisfaction.

Here Are The Top Healthcare Jobs In Canada 2022

  • Nurses practitioner

Average salary :$120, 680

Generally, In Canada and all over the world, the demand for nurses is comprehensive. And with its job roles, which is similar to that of a physician, and they are licensed to take on roles like:

  1. Physical examinations
  2. Analysing lab results
  3. Medicine prescriptions
  4. Authorizing treatments
  5. Some go-ahead to work in research laboratories
  6. Or academia.

The request for a nurse practitioner is estimated to increase by:

  1. 45% from 2020 to 2030

And, to become a nurse practitioner in the health sector, you must pass through:

  1. National council examination
  2. Be registered
  3. Have a master’s degree
  4. And a licence to operate in a state
  • Pharmacists

Average salary: $128, 570

In this field of work, a pharmacist distribute prescribed medicine to patients and as well counsels them on its usage and safety. In spite of the fact that there is a little increase in the demand for pharmacists in generally, but its attractive salary earnings, makes it more elegant for people who are willing to pursue and advanced in degrees.

  • Paramedics

Average salary: $120, 500

People who specialize in paramedics respond to emergency calls when needed. And, they take care of patients and provide medical care when is necessary, before moving affected patients to its/any of medical facility, where they can receive adequate proper care

  • Physician/Surgeon

Average salary: $208,000

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Generally, a Physician/Surgeon engages the patient in a sequence of tests to determine/checkmate the cause of their illness. And they also offer a treatment plan to their patient, and they as well advise patients on ways to maintain healthy life.

Most importantly, a surgeon operates on a human body using needed instruments and using specified tools for repairing damaged tissues, and abnormality

physicians/surgeons may generally choose to practice medicine or, in other words, become specialists in a particular area of specialization, For instance:

  1. Ophthalmology
  2. Gastroenterology
  3. Reconstructive surgery
  4. Neurological
  5. And orthopaedic surgery

Meanwhile, the above healthcare career in any of the two, will generally require years of:

  1. Schooling
  2. And specialized training
  • Opticians

Average salary: $124,300

Opticians are doctors who specialized in eyes, and they examine/check the eyes on issues with regard to:

  1. Diseases
  2. Diagnose
  3. Treatment of eye injuries
  4. And prescribe glasses.

And the exciting part is that the demand for an optometrist is generally projected to increase by:

  1. 3,900 jobs by 2030

And, opticians basically do undergo two (2) or three (3) years of training in an ophthalmic hospital to be qualified for its profession

  • Chiropractors

Average salary: $86,900

People who specialized on chiropractors are trained specialists that treat the conditions affecting the:

  1. Musculoskeletal
  2. And nervous systems.

And they mostly use non-physical means to treat and relieve pains that are associated with:

  1. Muscles
  2. Joints
  3. And bones.

A degree in these field of profession takes about four (4) years after undergraduate studies. In spite of the fact that most chiropractors work independently, and some generally work in group chiropractic practice.

  • Genetic Counsellor

Average salary: $80, 400

Although, there has been an increase in the demand for genetic counsellors at large. In spite of the fact that, this is due to the recognition of the health implications of Gene Mutation.

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And a genetic counsellor is a specialized healthcare professional, which helps people, and as well, make decisions about genetic diseases. And with the fight against genetic diseases, they do:

  1. Inform
  2. Educate
  3. Support individuals
  4. And families in managing the risk of inherited health problem.

Also, the genetic counsellors offer their humble services in a variety of settings, which includes:

  1. hospitals
  2. research centres
  3. laboratories
  4. physicians offices
  5. e.t.c
  • Midwives

Average salary: $107,800

A midwife’s primary responsibility is to provide care and support to pregnant women at any given time. And most importantly, they educate and carry out routine check up from time to time, to mostly ensure that mother and child are in healthy condition. And they also work as a team with other health professionals.

  • Radiologist and MRI Technicians

Average salary: $61. 240

Radiologists are professionals who perform x-ray services on people. MRI technologists are trained to make use of magnetic resonance imaging scans to assist/help in the diagnosis of victim.

  • Physical Therapist

Average salary: $91, 010

Physical therapists are mostly trained to assist patients to revive their mobility. And this is done through physical means, such as:

  1. Exercises and stretches
  2. Hands-on therapy
  3. And machines
  4. And they also enlighten patients on tip procedures for daily health recovery
  • Veterinarian

Average salary: $99, 250

Veterinarian are professional who treats and take care of animals, and they:

  1. Diagnose
  2. Treat
  3. And care for ill animals.

They also perform:

  1. Surgeries
  2. And vaccinate animals against disease.

The healthcare sector in Canada is constantly advance, and the most healthcare jobs in Canada are not mostly all clinical. Although, some of the job capacity requires workers to issue direct care to patients. And some require a professional with an administrative skill that runs medical offices.