Are You Looking For Career As Cleaner in Canada ? Northern Health Is Hiring

Do you have what it takes to work as a cleaner in Canada ? Dawson Creek & District Hospital is seeking a diligent and committed Cleaner to cover a casual position. This hospital is responsible for rendering services to the Dawson Creek and the neighboring areas as a full-service community hospital.

  • Name of Company: Dawson Creek & District Hospital
  • Job Position: Cleaner
  • Salary: $24.34 Per hour
  • Type of Employment: Casual
  • Location: Dawson Creek

Why Choose Dawson Creek & District Hospital?

Dawson Creek and District Hospital serves around 20,000 human beings and helps to meet the healthcare needs of the 60,000 people living in the larger Peace River Region by providing comprehensive healthcare to Dawson Creek and the surrounding areas, which includes eleven elementary schools, one middle school, one secondary school, and Northern Lights College that offer “adult education” all these constitute to the educational ecosystem.

Your Mission as a Cleaner

  • In line with the goals and values of the organization, this cleaner worker performs a variety of cleaning tasks across the facility.
    Cleaner will makes sure that areas that are very important, such operating rooms, patient/resident/client rooms, diagnostic imaging rooms, and laboratory spaces, are clean and disinfected accordingly.
  • You will be responsible for keeping restrooms, hallways, corridors, and labor and delivery rooms uncontaminated.
  • Your duties also includes cleaning common rooms, offices, and lounges that are used by staff, guests, and patients, residents, and clients in its scope of responsibility.
  • You must follow  Northern Health Regional Housekeeping Policies and their standards while performing the cleaning activities.
  • Maintaining sanitary standards is essential for the health and well-being of building occupants as well as the efficient operation of the establishment.
  • It’s a major contribution to be in charge of maintaining a hygienic and secure atmosphere that is favorable to healing and recovery.

Required Qualifications

Grade 10 or a comparable level of education, experience, and training.

  • Ability for clear written and spoken communication.
  • Capability to plan tasks and collaborate with others efficiently.
  • Physical capacity to carry out the responsibilities of the role.
  • Capability to operate associated equipment.

The Job Benefits

  1. After a full year of continuous service, employees are eligible for an extravagant four-week vacation.
  2. To facilitate the transfer for new employees, financial aid for relocation expenses is given to the applicants that qualified.
  3. To encourage employees to suggest eligible applicants, the company runs an employee referral program.
  4. To further support professional development, employers might provide leadership development programs and training.
  5. As casual employees you will need to fulfill some promise to have access to the benefits. Both full-time and part-time workers will be provided access to extensive benefit packages that includes, municipal pension & expanded health and dental coverage.
Join the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Family:

To get started with the online application, the following details will be required, a verification of COVID-19 immunization, a registration number for specified jobs, as well as appropriate educational records including transcripts, certificates, and certificates, all these will be required in order to complete your online application. A resume and cover letter is advisable.


Before submitting an online application as an international applicant, please make sure to confirm that you meet the requirements listed on the Northern Health careers website that you are a suitable candidate for the role.

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