NYSC Clearance Letter Sample From Employer 2022 | See NYSC Clearance Letter News

NYSC Clearance Letter Sample From Employer. See Sample Below

An employer gives a worthy corp member who has served them for the previous month a clearance for their allowance and submits it to their zone inspection/local government inspectors every month.

It is a special day that falls between the first ten days of the month, while some LGAs with many batches or streams have separate days. They frequently work with the Corper Liaison Officer (CLO) to help with this task.

What Must Be In a Clearance Letter?

  • The format of a clearance letter is frequently typed on the employer’s computer (school, company, organization, etc.) Letterhead is a type of stationary (colored)
  • A clearance letter is a letter, so it must have everything that a letter must include. (an address, a letter’s body, and a conclusion)
  • Information about the corp member. This is also really significant.

Types of NYSC Clearance Letters

There are two different kinds of clearance. The first is manual clearance, carried out in most Nigerian cities. The biometric clearance is being tested in Lagos and a few other states.

However, before the end of the day, one of these should appear on your dashboard.

Manual Clearance

Contact your primary assignment (PPA) to obtain a clearance letter before the day of your clearance. The procedure varies from one PPA to the next.

In some cases, your unit head may be required to sign before the department head (HOD).

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The clearance letter must be printed on the company’s letterhead in color. Your name, state code, and batch number are required for the clearance letter.

The current month should be used. The month on the clearance letter should be November if you’re doing monthly clearance for November.

On the day you’re supposed to perform your monthly clearance, go to the LI office. Those working in the LI office would have brought out all of that group’s files first thing in the morning.

The files are the ones you uploaded when you were documenting. Find the file you’re looking for. You have the option of making a duplicate. Make a hole in the clearance letter with a perforated punch. Place the clearance letter in the file’s back. Take the file to the LI.

Join the line at the LI office. Show your national youth service corps (NYSC) identity card when it’s your turn. Give the file to the LI.

The LI will sign at the front of the file after cross-examination. Put your name and state code on a piece of paper. Please return the file to your CDS group. You are free to return home.

Biometric Clearance

  • The procedure entails the following:
  • Bring your clearance letter to the LI.
  • Look for your file among the others.
  • I punched a hole in it.
  • Please make a note of it in the back of your file.
  • Please send it to the LI.
  • You will be asked to thumbprint after cross-examination.
  • The thumbprint should highlight your details.
  • You can now send the file back to your CDS team. You are free to return home.
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Clearance without PPA

You can still conduct your monthly clearing if you’ve been booted for PPA. Some CMs have been turned down due to a lack of PPA.

A clearance letter is not possible for such a CM. In this situation, you must go to the LI with your rejection letter and mail a letter.

After that, the LI will sign the posting letter. Make a name for yourself. It is not a facility that employs biometric screening. You should be able to thumbprint if they utilize biometric screening.

Because the CM has yet to receive a file, the LI will store it in a secure area. However, following documentation, they will never put it in your file. You are free to return home.

It’s important to note that you’ll need an internet-enabled phone and a data connection. Check your dashboard for local government clearance regularly.

Before the conclusion of the day, make sure the month clearance is changed from absent to present. If everything has stayed the same, return to your LI the next day and file a complaint.

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NYSC Clearance Letter Sample From Employer

4th February 2020

The Zonal Inspector



Imo State.


 Dear Sir,


This is to certify that corps member Ilesanma Sunmisola Omolara with the state code IM/19C/0145, has diligently served the establishment and deserves to be paid for February 2020.

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Thank You.


Yours Sincerely,

For: Imo Concord Hotel, Owerri.

Clement Obogo

Ag. General manager.