See NITDA 2022 Current Salary Structure

NITDA Salary Structure for the year 2022, Basic NITDA salary for a graduate, NITDA entry-level salary, and how much NITDA pays Corpers, In addition to Industrial Training/Placement Student.


With regard to the NITDA Salary 2022, have you ever think how much a National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA) staff member makes each month? Meanwhile, the presence salary structure of NITDA has been made available in this publication.

And do you know that the National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has branches and offices in:

  1. Port Harcourt
  2. Gombe
  3. Lagos
  4. And Kano.


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Services Offered by NITDA

Aside from its statutory function as Nigeria’s regulatory powerhouse in the IT region. And respective enterprises and IT providers can take advantage of the diversity of services provided by the National Information and Technology Development Agency.


NITDA Provides The Following Services, Listed Below:

  1. Data Protection
  2. Licensing of OEMs
  3. IT Clearance
  4. IT Service Provider
  5. Registration
  6. Domain Registration
  7. Software Testing

Departments in NITDA

  1. HRA Department
  2. ITIS Department
  3. CS Department
  4. SGF Department
  5. FMC Department
  6. CPS Department
  7. EGDR Department
  8. DED Department

NITDA Salary Structure 2022

On the other hand, NITDA is a federal government agency, and its staff members are paid more than other institutions and parastatals, because of the revenue they generate.

The Federal Ministry of Communications uses a regulated remuneration scale for all of its employees. And these salaries are harmonized, according to the Salaries:

  1. Income
  2. And Wages Commission, which is as follows:
Intern Internship NGN 270,000/yr 
Program Officer Contractor NGN 2M – NGN 2.4M/yr 
Legal Officer  NGN 2M – NGN 3M/yr 
NYSC Youth Corper  NGN 229K – NGN 250K/yr 
Accountant  NGN 287K – NGN 312K/yr 
Computer Engineer Internship NGN 172K – NGN 187K/yr 
Software Developer  NGN 1M – NGN 2M/yr 
Scientific Officer NGN 2M – NGN 2.3M/yr 
Software Engineer  NGN 481K – NGN 517K/yr 
Industrial Placement Student  NGN 115K – NGN 125K/yr 
Cybersecurity Analyst  NGN 287K – NGN 313K/yr 
Cybersecurity Officer  NGN 3M – NGN 3.1M/yr 

And lastly, the National Information and Technology Development Fund’s staff members are shielded by the Federal Government of Nigeria’s National Housing Fund housing program.