Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical 2022 Screening Scheme

Every information about the Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical 2022 Screening Scheme have been made available on this page, Check for the Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test, and the Nigerian Navy Physical Fitness Test Exercise, including the Nigerian Navy Physical Basic Requirements. This information is for both Males and Females.

And, for More details, Keep Reading. Among other things, All applicants should note the Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test and Screening, includes this important following tests:

  1. Urine Test
  2. Blood Test
  3. etc.

This process will take effect for at least 7 days, of which the medical screening results will be declared on the seventh (7) day. And once you pass this medical test, such an applicant can then be allowed to have access to their various hostels

While those applicants who failed medical test and others will be evicted from the barracks.

The next phase on the list is the 3.5-mile race, where some applicants fainted/hurt, or even passed away, as the case may be. So applicants should bear in mind that only those who pass the medical screening test will compete in this.


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Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test

As to the medical aspect, the Nigerian Navy Medical Board, and a board of service medical officers, will conduct a strict medical examination on applicants who have been upheld by the Nigerian Navy Selection Board.

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Only successful applicants who have been assumed healthy by the Nigerian Navy medical board will be taken into consideration for the merit list.

General Physical Standards For Officers For Both Male & Female

The key procedure of this is that all candidates must be qualified and are aspected to merit the required standards for fitness, physical and mental fitness, and free from any other negative conditions that could obstruct his/her effective performance, in peacetime and a time of war, as the case may be.

Important Announcement: During the Nigerian Navy medical examination, the following must be ensured:

  • The above candidate must be sufficiently intelligent.
  • Hearing is one of the key factors and there is no sign of:

(a) Any disease of the ear

(b) Nose or throat.

Vision in either eye must be up to the required standard:

(c) His/ her eyes are bright

(d) Clear and with no obvious squint/abnormality

(e) Most importantly, movements of the eyeballs should be full & free in all directions

  • Speech is without impediment
  • There is no glandular swelling
  • Chest is well-formed and as well as that his/her heart and lungs are sound/healthy
  • Also, the limbs of the candidates are well-formed
  • There is no confirmation of hernia of any degree
  • Feet and toes are well-proportioned
  • Absence of any congenital abnormality/defects.
  • He/she does not bear traces of:

(f) Previous acute

(g) Or chronic disease

(h) Pointing to an impaired constitution

  • Nonappearance of any disease of the Genitourinary tract.

Successful candidates must generally guarantee and ensured that they do not have any form of drawing/tattoo, and this information is much important. For more information, visit the Nigerian Navy official portal: