Nigerian Hunter Council Salary Structure 2023/2024 News Portal | NHC Official Rank (Updated)

Nigerian Hunter Council Salary Structure 2023: The Nigerian Hunter Council Monthly Payment is a vast, detailed table that lists all the officers’ salaries. This website also contains information regarding the organization’s perks, overtime compensation rates, and other aspects of employee life.

What is a Nigerian Hunter officer’s salary? The remuneration of the Nigerian Hunter Council is unusually substantial. Workers are paid more than any other task officers. We will go over each of the pay scales and payment methods used by this company and explain what they mean.

 Their educational level determines the beginning remuneration for new Nigerian Hunter Council recruits. To put it another way, you can’t compare someone with a WAEC certificate to someone with a Master’s degree. As a result, the pay varies.

However, depending on how long they have employed you, bonuses may be provided based on performance assessments or working overtime hours – but these are rare as well, as most employees don’t get any extra money outside their monthly salary unless they have been here for more than two years.

Nigerian Hunter Council 2023 Salary Structure

Like every other paramilitary in Nigeria, the Nigerian Hunter Council 2023 Salary Structure is appealing, with officers earning up to one million Naira per year, depending on their qualifications and rank.

The amount paid to the Nigerian Hunter officers has yet to be revealed to the public. Furthermore, it is recommended that you bookmark this website and return to it frequently for updates on the Nigerian Hunter Salary Structure.

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Nigerian Hunter Council 2023 Official Rank

The ranks of the Nigerian Hunter Council will be identical to those of paramilitaries, such as police and military forces. Nigerian Hunter Council has a command chain that is comparable to Natforce’s. The highest rank in the service is Commandant General, while the lowest rank is Assistant Cadet.

The Nigerian Hunter Council is made up of both commissioned and non-commissioned officers. However, These Nigerian Hunter Council rank (level) includes the Superintendent Cadre and indented Cadre. Ranks are assigned to individual officers in the Nigerian military and paramilitary organizations based on their credentials and certificates.

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree are placed on level 8, and those with a Higher National Diploma on level 7. Lawyers and those with a master’s degree are usually assigned to level 9, while medical doctors are set to level 12. The ranks of the various levels are listed below:

Level 3-5 Assistant Cadre
Level 6 Assistant Inspectorate Cadre
Level 7 Inspectorate Cadre
Level 8 Assistant Superintendent Cadre II
Level 9 Assistant Superintendent Cadre I
Level 10 Deputy Superintendent Cadre II
Level 11 Superintendent Cadre II
Level 12 Chief Superintendent Cadre II
Level 13 Assistant Commander
Level 14 Deputy Commander
Level 15 Chief Commander
Level 16 Assistant Commandant General

For information about the Nigerian Hunter Council 2023 Salary Structure and the latest information on the Nigerian Hunter Council, news on recruitment will soon be published here to assist all interested candidates.

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