Niger State Ministry Of Education 2022 | See Niger State Ministry Of Education Mandates

Niger State Ministry Of Education 2022/ | Niger State Ministry Of Education Mandates | Niger State Ministry Of Education Objectives

Niger State Ministry Of Education Portal 2022: Basic things you need to know about the Ministry Of Education have been made available on this page.

And the Niger State Ministry Of Education (Vision) is to place the Niger State System Of Educational system among the best three (3) State systems of Education in Nigeria in the facilitation of:

  1. Qualitative and functional basic
  2. Secondary
  3. Non-formal and tertiary education by the year 2023

And the Niger State Ministry Of Education has played an essential role in the educational sector, and its Goal is to:

  1. Improving Access And As Well As Expanding Opportunities
  2. Assuring Quality Education Provision
  3. Enhancing Educational Planning And Management
  4. Assuring Sustainable Funding
  5. Improve Financial Management
  6. Take up Government Budgetary Expenditure On Education
  7. Convert All Curricular To Highlight Problem-Solving
  8. Expedite The Emergence Of IBBU To Generally Be Among The Top Three (3) In Nigeria By 2023
  9. Life Skills
  10. And Highlight Cognition By 2020


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Commissioner Of Education In Niger State?

The Commissioner of Education, Niger State, Nigeria, is my name: Hannatu Jibrin Salihu.

Is Education Good In Niger?

Do you know that schooling is free in Niger State? But many areas do not have a school, and Niger has one of the lowest literacy rates in West Africa. And most of Niger’s adults cannot read or write and, be that as it may, the literacy rate is 13.6 percent.

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Percentage For Niger Educated

Among other things, the literacy rate/level in Niger is 13.6%, one of the lowest in the world. Do you know that Less than 8% of children have acquired sufficient curriculum and basic skills by the end of primary school, and only one-third of teachers indicate satisfactory skill and qualification levels in 2017

Niger State Ministry Of Education Objectives

Niger State Ministry Of Education Portal 2022, are the Niger State Ministry Of Education Objectives listed below:

(a) Entire School Age Children Enrol, And Their Complete Education

(b) Bridging Gender Gap

(c) Standard Classroom And In Addition Have Decrease Pupil Ratio To 1:40

(c) Teacher Ratio To 1:40

(e) Has Made Available Basic ICT infrastructure In All Primary And In All Secondary Schools As Well

(f) Niger State Ministry Of Education Has Also:

  1. Improved The Ratio Of Sciences
  2. And Arts Students To 60:40138

(g) Improve Literacy Level To 100%

(h) Integrate Quranic And, Among Other Things, Western Education (Tsangaya)

(i) Niger State Ministry Of Education Has Advance The Pool Of Science Teachers From Less Than 1% To 40%

(j) Niger State Schools Have:

  1. Utilitarian Basic Infrastructural Facilities
  2. I.E., Classrooms
  3. Laboratories

(k) Niger State Schools Facilities Are Well Equip With:

  1. Electricity
  2. Libraries
  3. Water
  4. Sanitation Workshops
  5. Etc.

(l) Ministry Of Education Has Exposed Teacher To At Least One Capacity Building Establishment

(m) All Schools Have Competent comprehensive Materials And Equipment.

(n) At most, 80% Of Our Secondary School Graduates Score At Least A Minimum Of 5 Credits And Above, including:

  1. English
  2. And Mathematics
  3. At One Sitting
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(o) Complete Elimination Of:

  1. Examination Malpractices
  2. And Cultism At All State Levels Of Education

(p) With The Commitment Of The Niger State Ministry Of Education, Schools Have Been Able To provide Adequate Guidance Counselling Services

(q) Basic Full Implementation Of UBE Laws

(r) Has Accomplished The Presence Of IBBU University In Training And Re-Training Of Incompetent Teachers

(s) The Niger State Ministry Of Education Has Facilitated the following:

  1. Massive Construction Of Classrooms
  2. Recruitment Of Teachers
  3. And Recruiting Teachers That Will Match The Student-Teachers Ratio In All Ratification

Mandates Of Niger State Ministry Of Education

Among Other Things, The Strategic Initiatives, Basic Programs, And The Educational Sector Will Give Quality Assurance To All Pupils, And The Niger State Ministry Of Education Mandates Are At Follows Which Are To Be Carried Out Generally By:

  1. The Ministry Of Education
  2. And Ministry Of Higher Education:

Which Are As Follows:

(a) Conceptualization Of Policy That Will Guide The Provision Of Secondary School Basic Education In The State In Line With Law

(b) Inauguration And Development Of Educational Arrangement To:

  1. Join Forces
  2. Or Cooperate With Governments
  3. Institution
  4. And Foundations To Enhance The Quality Of Education

(c) As Well As To:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Upgrading Of Schools Facilities
  3. And Infrastructure
  4. Planning And Advising Of the Civil Service Commission On Manpower Provision
  5. Accomplishment Requirements For Efficient Teaching

(d) Establishment And Maintenance Of :

  1. An Inspectorate Department For Efficacious Monitoring
  2. Supervision
  3. And Effective Teaching In Schools

(e) Assure Capacity Building For Basic Education

(f) Conceptualization Of Policy For The Elaboration Of Tertiary Education In The State In Line With The Provision Of National Policy On Higher Education

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(g) Formation Of an Effective Strategy And Network With the following:

  1. Ministry Of Finance And Economic Planning
  2. Office Of The Head Of Service

(h) As Well As To Ensure That Higher Inauguration Of State Operation On Sound Academic Principles, By Using A Basic Framework For Foundational Governance Of Higher Education Following The:

  1. Unique Modern Practices158

(i) Also, To Assure That All State Establishment Of Higher Institution OF Learning Produce:

  1. Graduates Of Higher Quality
  2. And In Numbers Enough To Meet The State Required Manpower Basic Requirements
  3. And Quota Allocation In The Federal Service

(j) Niger State Ministry Of Education Has:

  1. Generation
  2. Maintenance
  3. And Updating Of Data

Which Will Facilitate the State’s Planning Of Practical Provision Of Higher Education Graduates from In Niger State

(k) Among other things, Creating Of Centres Of Excellence And Other Basic Research That Will Meet The Socio-Economic Necessities Of The State, In Addition To Its:

  1. Improvement To National Development In Relationship
  2. Or Joint Action With The Ministry Of Science And Technology

(m) Niger State Ministry Of Education Has Conducted A Development And Facilitation Of:

  1. Tertiary Institutions Programme’s Accreditation

(n) In Conjunction With The Niger State Ministry Of Education, They Have Been Able To Set Out:

  1. Identification Advocacy To The Visitor
  2. And Adequate Personalities For Engagement Into The Governing Councils

(o) And As Well As Assisting The Governing Councils Of The Institutions To Maintain a Discipline Labor Force In Our Higher Institutions Guarantee Basic Capacity Building For Human Resources Towards Achieving Consolidated Objectives Of Your Ministry