NHF Loan Application Form 2023 | Apply For Federal Mortgage Bank Loan

NHF Loan Application Form 2023: The National Housing Fund Loan scheme is for Nigerians who are unable to afford commercial housing loans. However, this scheme is for individuals with low and middle-income groups, including civil servants, commercial drivers and others. To be a beneficiary of this programme, such an individual must be a registered applicant.


How To Apply For A NHF Loan 2023 Application Form

To apply for an NHF 2023 Loan application, follow the procedure below to begin.
  1. First, open a savings account with a registered Primary Mortgage Institution
  2. Contribution of funds must be made at least (6) months
  3. Such an individual must have satisfactory evidence of a regular flow of income which will guarantee your loan
  4. Interested applicants must submit a copy of valid title documents (For instance, C of O).
To get an NHF 2023 Loan, It takes at least 3 to 6 months, depending on the geographical location of the property. The applicant’s ability to meet the National Housing Fund Loan requirements will determine how long the loan will take.

Documents Required For NHF 2023 Loan Registration Form

The documents required for the NHF 2023 loan registration form include the following requirements listed below:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Photocopy of title documents
  3. Quotation of the above property you want to buy
  4. Three years tax clearance certificate
  5. Evidence of NHF participation
  6. Copy of payslips for the previous three (3) months
  7. Equity contribution or personal stake, depending on your loan.

How To Register For The 2023 National Housing Fund Loan

NHF Loan Application Form 2023 – Information on how to register for NHF 2023 loan has been shown below:

National Housing Fund Loan Application Information
Form NHF1 (1) Employers will be issued an employer registration form from the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

(2) Employers who received the Federal Mortgage Bank registration form must fill out all information correctly and complete the form and the form back at any nearest Federal Mortgage Bank branch close to them.

Employer’s registration number Following submission, the Federal Mortgage Bank will register the employer and a (Registration Number) will be issued to such an employer.
Form NHF2 (1) The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria would distribute the NHF2 form to employers for completion, to self-employed or individual customers directly.


(2) Employees will complete and send the NHF2 form to their employer.

(3) After completion, the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria would receive a completed form NHF2 from the employer or self-employed persons.

Employee or self-employed participation number Employees will be registered on Form NHF2 by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, and each employee or self-employed individual will be assigned a participation number.
Passbook (1) The Federal Mortgage Bank will provide each registered employee with a passbook in which the employer will record the monthly deduction of their 2.5 per cent income.

(2) Once a passbook is given to an employee, automatically the employee is considered a registered individual and will be able to participate in the National Housing Fund at this time.

Deduction (1) Contributions of 2.5 per cent will be deducted from the source by the employer.

(2) The deductions will be submitted to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria alongside payment information detailing the above amount contributed by each employee and the time period covered.

(3) For self-employed, contributors will send their contributions to FMBN on a monthly basis.

Receipt of payments The Federal Mortgage Bank will take donations and provide payment receipts.

This application is for registered members who pay monthly contributions to the National Housing Fund with their pay cheque (for at least 6 months), such an applicant is entitled to apply for a loan at Federal Mortgage Bank.  Visit the portal login for more information.


Federal Mortgage Bank 2023 Renovation Loan

Federal Mortgage Bank 2023 Home Renovation Loan is created for Nigerians who are in need of this opportunity for renovation or improvement of their personal existing homes.  However, this opportunity is designed to assist Nigerians who are major contributors to the following:

  1. National Housing Fund with the desire to renovate or improve their existing properties personally owned by such individuals or through family ownership.