NEMA Monthly & Annual Salary Structure 2022 | See NEMA Allowances

NEMA Monthly & Annual Salary Structure 2022: Are you one of those applicants who applied for a NEMA job position, it is important to know the basics of the above job position you applied for, which means that you have to have the knowledge of the Salary Structure of the position you wish to apply

Therefore, all the basic information that you need, with regard to the NEMA Salary Structure and their ranks will be detailed on this page below.

NEMA Salary Structure and Allowances 2022 is here: See The Above NEMA Salary Structure for levels 8,9 and 10, See Also For NYSC Corp members, as well as Fresh graduates.

NEMA is a federal government institution that is created to:

  1. Collects
  2. Monitors
  3. And collates tax records on behalf of the (Federal Government)

Meanwhile, the institution was founded in the year 1943, by the:

  1. Anglophone West African Department of Inland Revenue

With the unique purpose of operating as a Nation’s Tax System, In the year 2007, this institution called (NEMA) was granted autonomy to stand as a body.


How Much Does NEMA Pay Youth Corpers (NYSC)?

On information with regard to Youth Corpers, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) pays Corpers working in at FIRS office between:

  1. N34,000
  2. To N46,000 per month.

And this stipulates that this is one of the government bodies that recompense Youth Corpers.

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NEMA Salary Structure for Its Permanent Staff

Generally, the NEMA pays an average salary of:

  1. 114,450 Naira

In other words, three staff members from the National Emergency Management Agency collated this information. Also, Database Administrator and Disaster Management are two of the roles in general. And, based on its pay submissions:

  1. The gender Statistics at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in male (100%)
  2. Female (0%)
  3. And undefined (0 percent).

And the amount paid monthly to its permanent workers at NEMA is determined by a number of standards. The staff’s position is determined by:

  1. Grade
  2. Or level
  3. And a number of years in service

These are examples of one of the characteristics with regard to its salary structure. Also, according to various statistics:

  1. Grade 8 staff receives roughly: N114,450 per month
  2. While Grade 7 staff makes around: N89,434 each month.

And people should bear in mind that this does not include:

  1. Taxes
  2. Pensions
  3. Or other costs.

And aside from these above-mentioned salaries, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) employees are also qualified for a variation of:

  1. Allowances
  2. And other benefits based on the number of years being put into service.

We can state that this institution has a diversity of positions with different pay structures. Also, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Salary Structure differs, depending on job title (Ranks).

You can as well see the NEMA Salary Structure for each employee/staff below:

NO. Level Monthly Salary Annual Salary
1 Grade Level 8 N114,450 N1,373, 400
2 Grade Level 7 N89,434 N1,073,217

And, the fact, is that National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) employees are entitled to specific allowances along with their wages. Nevertheless, these benefits are fortuitous on a number of characteristics, which includes:

  1. The year of service
  2. Location
  3. The post has been held
  4. And, among others.