NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates 2022 | See Official NDLEA Training Date & Venue

NDLEA Training Date for the year 2022, Date and Location of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Training for Shortlisted Candidates, in addition to the training date for the 2022 recruitment scheme, has been made available


To learn more, continue reading, as the latest training information with regard to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency procedures has been made available.

And following the announcement for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency shortlist and screening procedures, qualified candidates will receive brief training, as part of the means to help them prepare for the enormous task ahead. Also, for new recruited officers, the training camp will generally act as an orientation camp.

Moreover, for the 2022 recruitment training, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is inviting all shortlisted candidates. And, the training activity is compulsory for all shortlisted candidates.

Shortlisted candidate who do not participate in the NDLEA training exercise will be disqualified with consideration. Official Dates and locations for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency training will be made available.


This publication contains basic information about the NDLEA training dates and locations for Shortlisted Candidates. Candidates are expected to go through screening procedures.

And any candidates who passed the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) screening process are expected to report to their respective training camps.


  1. NDIC Recruitment 2022
  2. NITDA Recruitment 2022
  3. PENCOM Recruitment 2022
  4. NIMASA Recruitment 2022
  5. NAPTIN Recruitment 2022
  6. NSIA Recruitment 2022
  7. NALDA Recruitment 2022
  8. NIPOST Recruitment 2022
  9. NAERLS Recruitment 2022
  10. NIPC Recruitment 2022
  11. TCN Recruitment 2022
  12. NJFP Registration 2022

NDLEA Training Date 2022

Generally, between, Friday 3rd December 2021 and Monday, 6th December 2021, all National Drug Law Enforcement Agency shortlisted applicants for the above two categories:

  1. Narcotic Officer cadre
  2. And first batch of Narcotic Assistant cadre

Must report for training at the :

  1. NDLEA Academy
  2. Kotton Rikus
  3. Jos in Plateau State.

As well, encourage all applicants to be prepared for this training which will commerce in no distance time, and we will also do our best to keep you updated on information with regard to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s job board.

NDLEA Training Requirements 2022

Meanwhile, all National Drug Law Enforcement Agency selected candidates:

  1. Narcotic Officers
  2. And Assistants

are generally required to go to the:

  • NDLEA Academy, which is situated in:
  1. Kotton Rikus
  2. Jos in Plateau State.

With their original and photocopies documents, which have been made available below:

(a) Credentials

(b) NDLEA online application reference slip

(c) Four copies of five (5) by seven (7) color photograph without:

  1. Cap
  2. Or Hat

(d) Writing materials to include:

  1. Biro
  2. Pencils
  3. Ruler
  4. Notebook
  5. And file jacket

(e) And as well as:

  1. Three pairs of white round neck vests
  2. Navy blue shorts (without stripes)
  3. Two pairs of white
  4. Black socks
  5. Two pairs of pure black canvas trainers
  6. Two white bedsheets
  7. Pillowcases
  8. Two black trousers
  9. White long sleeve shirts
  10. One blanket (gray or army green color)
  11. Two pairs of national dress
  12. Or suit
  13. Casual wears with shoes
  14. Bucket
  15. Cutlasses
  16. Pocket money
  17. Toiletries
  18. Two black cloth facemasks

And most importantly, all National Drug Law Enforcement Agency selected candidates should bear in mind that the COVID-19 protocols must be followed strictly. Any candidate who do not report by:

  1. 6 pm. on Tuesday
  2. July, 25, 2021 will be disqualified.