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NCC Salary Structure And Allowance 2023 – The Nigerian Communications Commission salary structure for staff members, graduate monthly stipend, and other allowances allocated to specific staff members who have put in their professionalism in service. The NCC 2023 salary and allowances were structured depending on staff member’s work level, years in service, and experiences.


On this page, we will discuss the present salary structure of employees; for instance, we will discuss how much a Nigerian Communications Commission’s Level 8 employee is being paid monthly.

We will also highlight some issues on the 2023/2024 allowance scale given to staff members as a stipend for a well-done job. However, this page will impact lots of knowledge to our viewers, especially those candidates who wish to begin their careers with the Nigerian Communications Commission.

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NCC 2023 Salary Structure Scale

The Nigerian Communications Commission 2023 salary structure for staff members has been designed according to the level of professionalism and years of experience. The level of professionalism and years of experience will determine your salary and allowances scale.


For instance, an entry-level salary structure of a staff member on Level (8) is 100,000 Naira (one hundred thousand naira), and as time goes on, it may increase to 130,000 Naira (one hundred thirty thousand naira).

Aside from the salary scale, each Nigerian Communications Commission employee is entitled to specific allowances depending on position and number of years in service, attracting an average salary scale of 331,500 Naira (three hundred thirty-one thousand, five hundred naira). At the same time, other staff members may receive less.

There are various settings in salary scale; for instance, an IT service manager and management receive an average monthly salary of 998,000 Naira (nine hundred ninety-eight thousand naira)

A Management Information System officer at Nigerian Communications Commission receives a monthly salary of 263,000 Naira (two hundred sixty-three thousand naira), and a customer service representative’s monthly average salary structure at Nigerian Communications Commission is 55,000 Naira (fifty-five thousand naira).

While the NCC 2023 average monthly salary structure for Information and Communications Technology officer is 42,000 Naira (forty-two thousand naira)


NCC 2023 Salary Structure for Level 8 Employees

The Nigeria Communication Commission 2023 salary structure for entry-level employees is determined by their professional skills, academic qualifications, and years of experience.

The NCC 2023 salary structure for Level 8 employees is between 90,000 Naira (ninety thousand naira) and 120,000 naira (one hundred twenty thousand naira) after Nigeria Communication Commission has deducted all taxes.

NCC 2023 Allowance

NCC 2023 Allowance: The Nigerian Communications Commission has an incentive given to staff members as an allowance based on reports. After all calculations and estimation, an entry-level employee may go home with a monthly stipend of 20,000 Naira (twenty thousand naira) to 50,000 Naira (fifty thousand naira).

The NCC 2023 salary structure and allowance information is gathered following the report from the Nigerian Communications Commission Staff members. 

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