List of Canada Visa Sponsorship Jobs In 2024/25 – Apply Now

You can now work in Canada for free because your visa application will be sponsored by your employer only if you apply for the jobs to be listed below. Canada has been one of the most developed countries that continue to expand their economy via different sectors like manufacturing, oil and gas, health, etc.


Canada provides an enabling environment that is comfortable, secure, and fulfilling to every foreign and non-foreign worker.

The following are the list of jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada for 2024/25

1. Farm Working Jobs: Farm work is another job that looks very promising, rewarding, and has the most opportunities among other jobs in Canada. It has a lot of roles that a non-skilled person can easily adapt to and perform well. A farmer can work on the farm as a harvester, farm manager. Crop production manager, etc. A non-skilled person can also work on the farm as a tractor driver, farm labourers, farm machine operator, etc. You can apply into any of these roles via many visa programmes like working visa, province nominee programme, etc. The average salary of a farm working job ranges from 32,000 to 65,000 CAD.

2. Caregiver Jobs: Canada senior citizens usually employ caregivers to take care of their elders who are bedridden and cannot take care of themselves without help. A caregiver is a person employed to look after another. They perform roles like assisting in bathing, taking medications, eating, etc. These job roles are usually performed by members of the family or a caregiver. The average salary of this job is 32,000 CAD but the payment may be higher than this depending on the employer and the job roles.


3. Truck Driving: Truck drivers are essential employees in companies that are involved in manufacturing, warehousing, etc. They help in the transportation of goods like raw materials, products from one place to the other. Truck drivers are important for most industries not only because of transportation but also logistics and efficiency in business deals and transactions. Truck drivers are paid averagely at 36,000 to 55,000 CAD. Foreign workers who apply for this job become an automatic beneficiary of Canada visa sponsorship.

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4. Hotel Jobs: Hotels are multitasking and includes a whole of lot roles; both skilled and unskilled. Employees of a hotel work in different sectors of the hotel like the cleaning, receptionist, managers, servers, etc. They are mostly concerned in satisfying the customer’s need and ensuring all visitors enjoy their staying in the hotel. The salary of a hotel worker depends on the role, the experience, and skills which are criteria to select the best department where the worker can perform well. The range of average salary of a hotel worker is 32,000 to 55,000 CAD. If you apply for a hotel job in Canada, your visa application will be sponsored by your employer.

5. Factory workers: This job has to deal with workers involved in operation of machinery, moving of goods in the industry, distribution, management and production of company goods within and outside the industry. Factory workers are paid from 32,000 to 43,000 CAD. If you get a job offer to work as a factory worker in Canada, your visa application is sponsored by your employer. High Paying Ware Housing Jobs in Canada – Apply Now

6. Cleaning Jobs: Cleaners in every establishment are important as every other worker in the industry. They are responsible for cleaning, washing, and management of the areas in the industry. They work in homes, companies, hotels, public spaces, etc. Cleaning jobs in Canada are now technical, modern, modest and fulfilling job. You can apply for a cleaning job in Canada and your visa sponsorship is sponsored by your employer. Cleaning jobs are paid from 22,000 to 47,000 CAD.

7. Warehouse Workers: You can now apply as a warehouse worker in Canada because your visa sponsorship will be provided. And warehouse worker are responsible for assembling stock products, inventory records, data collection and management of products, preparation of customers’ order and transportation, etc. A warehouse pays averagely from 30,000 to 42,000 CAD.

8. Poultry Farm worker: They are workers that works on poultry farms involving the maintenance of poultry farms, cleaning, feeding the poultry birds, etc. You can apply for a poultry farm job to have your visa application sponsored. The job is rewarding because it is not labor-intensive and average salary is from 25,000 to 40,000 CAD.

9. Cashier Jobs: Cashiers are responsible for processing transactions, attending to customers’ payment, record of all transactions and managing financial transactions. Cashier Jobs are rewarding and pay an average salary of 32,000 to 45,000 CAD.

10. Security Worker: If you apply for a security position in Canada, your visa application is sponsored by your employer. You will be responsible for securing and keeping the area safe, free from all things that could hinder business deals or transactions. Security personnel are employed in homes, companies, public places, etc. This job pays an average of 28,000 to 48,000 CAD.

11. Health Care Assistant Jobs: They are responsible for aiding and supporting medical professionals in providing healthcare services in different healthcare units like nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, etc. Healthcare assistants are important for ensuring adequate and quality healthcare services are provided to the people in Canada. This job pays an average of 38,000 to 65,000 CAD.

12. Nanny Jobs: Nannies are usually concerned with taking care of children, teens whose parents are usually not around to provide the necessary care for their wards. They employ nannies to take care of their children while they are away for work reason and others. Nanny jobs are visa sponsored jobs by their employer and pays an average of 33,000 to 65,000 CAD.

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