Driving Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship: Apply Now

Driving jobs in Canada is one of the most rewarding professions that give room for flexibility and easiness as you travel around the beautiful city in comfort and yet still making your money. In Canada, Driving jobs pays an average wage of $30,625 per annum or $15.71 hourly even though at entry level job pays $29,250 and at professional level, it is up to $43,600 per year.


Types of Driving Jobs in Canada include:

1. Public Car Drivers: In Canada, people need drivers to take them out in the evening or in the morning when going for their respective jobs. This job plays higher with more easiness that comes with it – sitting behind the wheels all day, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Canada and yet being paid for it. Canada also has a public transit system for her citizens e.g. shuttles, railway system, buses. This provides more opportunity for flexible work arrangements, local jobs and stability employments.

2. Chauffeur Drivers: They engage to drive rich people, luxury items and politicians. They mainly work for affluent people in the City or some are employed as private drivers for celebrities or politicians’ families taking them to and fro in the City.

3. Delivery Drivers: People are known for buying goods online and transporting the goods to their doorstep. It seems to be an easy job delivering goods to the doorstep and getting paid handsomely depending on the distance of the transport.


4. Truck Drivers: This type of driver is charged with the responsibility of travelling with large amount of goods and items. They spend longer hours on the road and get to spend days on the road. If you like to stay longer on the road and love driving truck, this is a better choice for you. 

5. Formula One Driver: You can always go professional in driving by racing in the world most famous race – the formula one. Many formula one drivers known in the world like Lewis Hamilton started with formula one and competing with them will be an opportunity to be more like them.

Types of Visa sponsorship Programmes for Drivers

Visa processing is being sponsored by the employer in a visa sponsorship programme. This programme allows foreigners all over the world to get employed as a driver where their work permit or permanent residency is being sponsored by the Canadian employer. There are two primary visa sponsorship programmes for foreigners in Canada, which are:

  1. Temporary Foreign Worker Programme: The process begins when the employers get a positive Labour Marketers Impact Assessment (LMIA) to assure that the labour market is still respect and protect the Canada citizen interest and they can hire foreigners for the respective jobs if needed. If the LMIA is positive, the foreign worker can now apply for the job, submit the necessary documents for visa processing, work permit and others.
  2. International Mobility Process (IMP): This is a programme that goes beyond the need for an LMIA to employ foreign workers. This allow employers to hire foreign workers without an LMIA, work permit exemptions based on International agreements like (NAFTA), etc.

Benefits of Driving Jobs in Canada

Driving Jobs in Canada comes with a lot benefits ranging from high salaries, flexibility and stability and others include:

  1. Drivers are paid highly in Canada like every other employee in Canada. Especially, heavy-truck driver, tractor driver, etc.
  2. Some Driving jobs may require you to attend more training or gain more certifications which will also develop your career and personal development.
  3. Driving jobs are flexible and stable. i.e. the working hours are flexible, allowing you to work from home and setting your own work hours.
  4. Drivers travel around the beautiful city of Canada – exploring different areas and making useful connections by meeting different affluent people in the city.
  5. During working hours, drivers engage with more affluent people around the world thereby creating a lifetime opportunity for themselves.
  6. The public transit or taxi drivers offers a stable employment and attractive to people seeking for a position in the public service.
  7. Driving jobs in Canada is secure because of the high demand and other additional bonus like being paid on vacation or leave, private insurance offers, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the minimum qualification for driving jobs in Canada?

In Canada, the minimum qualifications when applying for a driving jobs is a secondary school or high school leaving certificate and a professional certification and license as a qualified driver.

  • How do I get visa sponsorship from Canada?

To get a visa sponsorship from Canada, the employer need to be granted a positive LMIA making sure there is no Canadian or permanent residents available for the job.  There are mainly two programmes for driving jobs visa sponsorship in Canada – Temporary Foreign worker and International mobility programmes.

  • Can I get a work permit as a truck driver in Canada?

Yes, you can work as a truck driver in Canada under the temporary foreign worker programme. Canada companies now employ young people from other countries as truck drivers.

  • What are the documents required to apply for driving jobs in Canada?

The documents required are few but they must be readily available. They include: a valid passport, birth certificate, IELTS certificate, driving license at least for 3 years, experience letter, employment letter, school certificates, reference letter, WES assessment, etc.