High Paying Ware Housing Jobs in Canada – Apply Now

A warehousing job in Canada is a hot cake served to those who grab the opportunity now. The opportunities are rarely rare and accessible with visa sponsorship just like every other job in Canada. It is a high paying job that pays averagely $33, 670 per year or $17.17 per hour. Technology advancement in Canada has been on a fast track and expanding largely and the need for professionals who are experienced and committed are increasing every day. However, before applying for warehousing jobs in Canada you should know the types, requirement and eligibility criteria of the job with visa sponsorship.



Warehouse jobs are broad and different roles are taken according to the nature and scope of the Job. The following are types of Jobs listed under warehousing:

1. Forklift Operator: These job roles include the operation of a forklift, maintenance and management of inventories, screening product for damage, transportation of goods in the warehouse, etc. The job pays at around $45, 598 per year.

2. Material Handler: The primary duties of this job are maintenance of the warehouse equipment, tools, establishing safety rules for all employers to follow while working to prevent injuries and occupational accidents. They also repair minor issues with the machines like forklift, light, etc. and report any further damage to the management. This job in Canada averagely pays $42, 256 per annum.


3. Warehouse Manager: A warehouse manager is responsible for managing all the operations and employees in the warehouse. They manage the importation and exportation of goods and products in the warehouse. They ensure maximum good working attitude, implementation of safety precautions and strict adherence to the rules and regulations guiding the working procedures in the warehouse. The job averagely pays around $57, 330 per year.

4. Inventory Control Specialist: They are saddled with responsibility of ensuring accurate data records of the inventories, data collation and entry, monitoring the company products and goods, etc. The job pays averagely $43, 180 per year.

5. Warehouse Worker: A warehouse worker is concerned primarily with coordination, ordering and arrangements of goods received. They help to keep the warehouse clean, arrange and safe. They are paid $40, 985 averagely per annum.

6. Order Picker: This job role is to select or choose from the warehouse products or goods to be shipped to the customers. They perform this role by using customer ordering information and the warehouse system, making sure that the customer’s need is satisfied. This job pays around $50, 120 per year.

7. Shipping and Receiving Clerk: They are regarded to as the connection between a client and the warehouse. They are to ensure that the products ordered by customers get to them safely without damage or lost. Other roles may include: arranging transportation for the products ordered, recording of shipping information and inventory.

8. Labourer: They perform manual works like cleaning, moving products to the storage house, washing delivery trucks, etc. They can also help in the maintenance of machines and reporting any issues about the machines to their superiors. This job pays around $42,305 per year.

9. Receiver: The duties of a receiver including accepting goods and products coming into the warehouse,  recording of exportation, recording damages, ensuring the products ordered is the products arranged, etc. This job pays around $41, 617 per annum.

10. Stocker: They manage the inventories in the departmental store, delivering products and goods to the store, maintaining the store and inventories. This job pays around $61, 882 per annum.

11. Package Handler: They are concerned with packing and labeling of products and goods to be shipped when they are ready to be transported. Average salary is $44, 915 per annum.

12. Delivery Driver: They are the drivers of the delivery trucks and they are responsible for transportation of products and goods from the warehouse to their destination. They are saddled with activity report of the deliveries, handling fees, paperwork, and taxes before transportation. This job pays around $51, 536 per annum.

  How to get a Warehouse Job in Canada?

A warehouse job lists in Canada can be found via different websites i.e. online where many employers use to list the jobs available e.g. indeed, Glassdoor  or the Job bank Canada which is the official site of the Canadian government. Some of the jobs listed requires no experience while others requires bountiful of experience in the warehouse industry. Other requirements are:

  • Proficiency in either English language or French
  • A valid passport and other personal documents
  • Basic education certificate; a secondary or high school leaving certificate even though some warehouse jobs require a bachelor degree certificate.
  • One or two years working experience in warehouse industry.
  • A job offer from a valid Canada citizen.

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The warehouse industry is a one big industry that keeps growing due to the establishment of more products industries and increase in the investment of technology. The industry is big enough to accommodate everyone and Canada has put out many opportunities for many people in the industry in and outside their country. There is a space of choices to swim in and out in the industry whether you are experienced or not, embark on this journey of opportunities now.


  • Are warehouse jobs in high demands in Canada?

Warehouse jobs in Canada have always been available since the covid 19 pandemic in 2019.

  • Are warehouse jobs in Canada stressful?

Yes, maybe not. It is quite stressful than other jobs like nursing or caregiver due to the high physical stress, deadline pressure, labor market problems, etc. But the warehouse system has made it easier by the further division of the main sectors in the industry i.e. division of labour.

  • What is the highest position in the warehouse industry?

That would be the Warehouse manager position in the industry. They operate at the highest position and control other sector in the industry. They oversee the job roles of other employers to the management.