Entry-level Jobs are Available for International Workers in Calgary, Canada

Why Calgary in Canada?  It is one of the cities in Canada who has a large labour market that seems to accommodate everyone even to international workers across the globe. Calgary has a place for everyone either a skilled or unskilled job because of its large and diverse economy status and labour market. Calgary City is the heart of Alberta, where every entrepreneurs and business owners have made it a safe haven because of the city’s performance in Oil and gas, enabling environment and extraordinary housing system. This is for you if you are looking forward to work in Calgary, Canada as we will look more into the type of jobs available in the city, the requirement, the application process and necessary tips to secure a job faster in the city.


Types of Jobs Available in Calgary, Canada

Different jobs are available in the city but some needs no skills while others require not just skills but also experience and high education level. The different levels of job entry in Canada include: entry-level, Intermediate level, tertiary, or senior executive level.

Entry-Level Jobs

These are jobs that are open to the general public and require no special knowledge of the employee as the skills needed to perform in this role are acquired from day-day activities, education, and life experience or can be learned while working. Jobs under this category have flexible working schedules, routine tasks in offices, manual or normal labour, customer relation offices, etc. The entry-level jobs cannot be overemphasized because they are the backbone of the industry, performing important tasks that contribute to the success and effectiveness of the country. The entry-level jobs in different industry include the following:

  1. Building and Construction: This industry is labour-intensive and there are always demands for manpower in this sector. Even though modern technology has made it less tough and easy to do. But construction and building sector is always growing and needing more labourers to help with the work. Examples of entry-level jobs in this sector include: Labourers, Tractor drivers, site manager, Material Handler, Drillers, Contractors, etc.
  2. Food Industry: Food is as important as any other sectors in the country. The personnel involved in this industry are seen in preparing meals, different dishes in cafes, restaurants, and some even offer home delivery services. The restaurants owners and business owners in this industry hire individuals who are chefs, assistant chefs, servers, cleaners, Bartenders, managers, via the entry-level. Some are directly involved in preparation of meals, washing dishes, while others are for customer satisfaction and assistance.
  3. Hospitality and Tourism: Calgary is a city that beholds natural beauty, beautiful scenes and places in the country. It’s always a place of attraction for people all over the world and the sector is always filled with highly motivated individuals who are ready to serve the people and make the city a home for every visitors. Examples of roles in this industry are: hotel workers like cleaners, receptionist, housekeepers, managers, etc.
  4. Housekeeping and Cleaning Services: Different establishments like hotels, companies, corporate buildings, employ cleaners, housekeepers, to manage their enterprise in terms of cleaning, maintenance and management.

What are the requirements for the Entry-Level Jobs?

These roles may not require special qualifications, education or experience like other jobs in Canada. Other requirements of the entry-level jobs include:

  1. Soft Skills: These skills are often possessed generally by everyone. They include a problem-solving, team cooperation, good mentality, integrity, etc.
  2. Language Proficiency: Everyone looking forward to work in Canada must pass an English test like IELTS to show their fluency in English language. Canada also accepts the French language.
  3. Physical Fitness: Some job roles require you to be physically fit with a lot of stamina to withstand the work demand. This may be tested by conducting a medical exam on the worker.
  4. Work Permit or Authorization: As an international worker looking forward to work in Canada, you must have a work permit to start working in the country according to the Canadian government rules and regulations.

Different Approaches to Job Search in Calgary, Canada

There are four different approaches or steps to successfully land a job in Calgary, and they include the following:

  1. Employment Agencies: The pros of registering with an agency give you an edge over your competitors. These agencies are more affiliated with big companies, hotels, business owners, entrepreneurs, and they are more trusted to provide quality employees that could fit well into the job roles.
  2. Job Portals: There are many online job portals and platforms that give you a lot of jobs with entry-level opportunities.
  3. Networking: You could attend many events, community gatherings and similar events that involve professionals who is already working in Calgary, Canada.
  4. Volunteering: You can engage in numerous works to meet up with others who are also searching for the same type of jobs with you and develop your skills.
  5. Temporary work: Engage in temporary roles to provide you with a good orientation to the job market and experience to build a strong connection in the system.

Benefits of Entry-Level Jobs in Calgary

  1. Job Security: Canada generally offers stable jobs that is secure and offers a standard way of living to their workers.
  2. Flexible Working Hours: Entry-level jobs offer flexible working schedules where every workers can get to balance work and personal life.
  3. Personal and Professional Development: Entry-level jobs allow you to grow on other aspects like skills development and personal development.

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  1. Is it possible to secure a high paying job in Calgary?

Yes, it is possible to secure a high paying job but with an entry-level which does not require a special education or skills. Even though an Intermediate or Tertiary level require advanced education, experience and skills.

    1. Is it possible to work on a long term in entry-level position in Calgary?

An entry-level job gives you a chance for continuous learning and development which provides you the chance to continue working and progressing in your position.

  1. How much do I get to earn in an entry-level job?

An average salary of a particular job depends on the industry and job roles. It is better to do research on each job category to provide an exact amount.