LASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Updated | LASU 100 Level Past Questions

LASU Post UTME Past Questions 2023: Download a PDF version of the questions that LASU previously asked and answers. Past questions and correct answers for LASU Post-UTME questions from 2015 to 2020. Lagos State University Post-UTME/aptitude test from 2015 through 2020 can be downloaded from this page.


Suppose you are a potential student from Lagos State University who has successfully passed the JAMB exam for the current academic year. This page has LASU Post-UTME Previous Questions and Answers that will assist you in your preparation for the forthcoming exams.

What makes the Post-UTME aptitude test the line between pupils who are accepted and who are not?

LASU Post UTME Past Questions PDF

Since the questions in the post-UTME exam differ from those at the college where the student would like to enroll, passing it shows the institution that you are qualified to pursue studies there.

If you are an experienced student and are not looking to retake this test, LASU Post UTME Take advantage of this chance to get all the LASU Post UTME previous questions.


In the following ways, this information can help you prepare for your exams:

  • You will discover your weaknesses and strengths in your initial attempt at answering questions. You will be able to focus on your weakness.
  • Confidence will increase after studying this subject, and exam stress will disappear.
  • When you are learning, you will be able to see the marking scheme and the syllable.

We do not suggest students study previous questions on their own Instead, you must be more attentive and go over areas where you suspect you are weak.

LASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers 2023 – Our past LASU Post UTME questions can provide you with an understanding of the structure of their questions. If you are savvy, you will be able to identify the most frequently asked questions. Every question you come across frequently asked needs to be addressed and learned.

The updated LASU Post-UTME Past Question and Answers cost only 2,000.00 Naira for a 4-subject combination.

If you are creating a post-UTME for the LASU Post-UTME for Law, you will need to buy at least four subjects. They include:


Use of English

ii. Biology

iii. Chemistry

The subjects you covered in JAMB determine the courses you will take in the Post-UTME examinations.

There is no chance to score a higher mark on any LASU aptitude test. The most important thing is to comprehend the questions you have been asked.

LASU Post UTME Past Questions Sample

1. The breakdown of a market into distinct and identifiable components, each with its unique requirements for the product, is called market

a. Differentiation

b. Segmentation

c. Penetration

d. Identification

2. Which above demonstrates the correct sequence when the mentioned documents are utilized?

a. Debit note or order invoice, statement, and debit note

b. Delivery note, order, debit note, invoice, and statement

c. Order, statement delivery note, invoice, and debit note

d. Order, invoice debit note, statement, and delivery note

3. When a business or industry gets nationalized, the state is

a. The majority shareholder

b. The minority shareholder

c. A common shareholder with other people

d. The sole shareholder

4. Freight note is an important document

a. Government uses it to move goods from one country to another

b. A shipping firm issues it with details of the costs

C. It is used for the payment of import products

d. An importer gives it the right to make payment for products at an upcoming time

5. The process that an insurance firm will accept a risk of a large size and then share it with insurance firms is referred to as

a. Subrogation

b. Contribution

c. Re-insurance

d. Indemnity

6. The business organization where shareholders are equal voting rights is

a. Sole proprietorship

b. Partnership

c. Co-operative

d. Limited liability

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How To Download A Complete LASU Post UTME Past Questions

The Post-UTME exam is held at LASU. The version for free of past questions is first available, and then the complete contents.

The free version can be downloaded here. However, if you would like to get answers to your questions or access the entire material, follow the instructions below.