See Latest Internship Interview Questions & Answer For 2022

Specifically, Answering Interview internship questions is one precise process that guarantees you to become an intern in an institution. In other words, these criteria are one of the basic steps that determine your success in the recruitment process.


So before embarking on an interview, we advised you make some research, to enable you to know what is being expected from you. Most importantly, how to provide answers to internship interview questions, will be provided on this page.

Internship Interview Questions 2022

Interviews are generally a simple test to examine your impact in knowledge, skills, IQ, and basic confidence level, which determines whether you are capable of the job. And, these are essential processes that each or every employer uses as its screening procedures with regard to its applicants.

Basically, Internship interviews are not different from the usual, as all due process will undergo its procedures. And, it is an important opportunity for applicants to impress their basic potential, and show their employer, what they stand to lose if they are not employed in their institution, and even as an intern.

Although most times why you anguish at the invitation to an Interview, is just because such applicants are scared of failing, generally interviews are actually no big deal, if you abide by these guidelines that we have provided on this page. Because Interviews are one of the basic procedures that any institution do undergo, before accepting any applicant.


In addition, there are times when you fail at an interview, but you failed because of your presentation and charisma. Although, people do perform poorly in interviews, just because they lack the answers to each of the questions asked.

And, are you in this category, and have you been looking for the best way to get it right? If that’s have been on your mind, then you are on the right page.


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Internship Interview Questions And Answer

Interview questions and their proper answers

With regard to this, here are a few very essential questions you may likely undergo during your interview. You could get familiar with them to help you effectively prepare and perform well on the day of your interview. Most importantly, remember at the moment you lose that confidence, knowing all your above answers to each question would be useless.

  • Tell Us About Yourself:

This is the most important question during your interview. And here, it’s best you talk about your:

  1. Education
  2. The personality that exhibits focus
  3. Diligence
  4. And other related attributes.

You can also talk about your:

  1. Values
  2. And hobbies


(a) But endeavor not to mention:

  1. Trivial things that won’t count.
  • Why Did You Apply For This Internship?

This is also one of the usual questions asked to test how genuine you are, and in other words, to know if you are really determined on getting that internship, the major thing that you need to do at that moment is talk about what the internship would add to you.

Most importantly, whatever you say, please, be careful not to make it just about building your Curriculum Vitae (CV), because any mistake made will send a wrong message.


  1. You tell them how deliberate you are about learning and, as well, getting better on the job
  2. And how the internship would help.
  • Why Did You Apply For This Internship With Our Institution

This is the most evaluative question that would strongly determine if you will be employed or not. But, with regard to this; it is not a question that you would jump into so fast, without you analyzing what to say, but first, you have to think thoroughly, before answering such a question.

First, talk about the company, with the proper research that you have done about them, and also talk about their:

  1. Working ethics
  2. The value they offer
  3. Their standard performance
  4. And so on.


  1. Don’t ever make the terrible mistake of talking about their pay, because it might get you disqualified.
  • How Well Do You Work With Teams In General?

For the moment, you have to share your best experiences working with a team, by letting your employee, know the role you played. And, if you were a leader or not, your response to working with them, and how well you collaborate with teams.

And, the reason why the company ought to ask you this question is to know:

  1. Your working ethics
  2. Attitude
  3. To examine your ability
  4. And cooperation.
  • Tell Us About A Time You Had A Burdensome Task And How You Dealt With It

Many Institutions will ask this kind of question, to examine or to know how capable you are in terms of challenges, and how well you will act to handle any challenges that may occur. And, this is a means for the institution to know if you just become:

  1. Nonchalant
  2. Or resilient about solving problems.

The important part of this is that you need to be truthful and sincere here and please, also remember you might eventually get employed there, so you ought to express yourself to your interviewer and Tell him/her about a difficult task and how you ought to solve it.

  • What Are Your Major Strengths And Weaknesses?

On some occasions, people confuse this with physical attributes, but on the opposite, this generally refers to your personal character and attributes. For instance:

  1. What is your best characteristic?
  2. Zeal for learning
  3. Adaptability
  4. etc.

While your weakness could be:

  1. Overworking
  2. Being too emotional
  3. Or whatever is unique to you.

And you have to understand within yourself that these are not inflexible answers for you to follow, and in other words, you can be very personal and interested in it.  On a contrary, one thing every employer looks out for is:

  1. Charisma
  2. So be truthful
  3. Confident
  4. And convincing.