How To Write An Application Letter For jobs 2023/2024 Guidelines | How To Write A Short Application Letter

How To Write An Application Letter For jobs 2023 – Go through the best hints and examples on how to prepare a job letter to be among the selected candidates. Before we proceed, first, let’s start by defining some terminology required when writing an application letter.


Several countries around the world have different ways of writing or presenting application letters. Let’s go into details, for instance in counties like Europe and North America, where a cover letter is usually attached to a résumé which is also known as curriculum vitae (CV).

In institutions in Nigeria where the employer uses the terms (application letter and cover letter) which are interchangeable. On this page, let’s look at how to create an effective application letter below.

To learn more about How To Write An Application Letter For jobs, look at some writing instructions, procedures and samples. For institutions who may request an application letter or a cover letter in their job description, first, don’t forget to create a résumé which is also known as a curriculum vitae together with your application letter that clearly describes your professionalism.

How To Write An Application Letter for jobs In Nigeria

How To Write An Application Letter For jobs 2023: Before you start writing your application letter, go through the instructions below:

  • Always compose an outline that will help you structure your letter
  • Make a draft of your application letter in case of errors that may occur
  • Pay attention to your first and last words when writing your letter
  • Let your job application letter straight
  • Avoid complaint and instead, use a welcoming tone
  • Make the job application letter as brief as possible.

For individuals who are writing their first application letter, however, it will take them some time to gather the required information, to begin, first create a rough draft, in case of errors before returning your application letter to the main sheet. See below to note the steps on how to prepare a job application letter or cover letter.

When writing an application letter in Nigeria, look at some examples below:

Jobs Application Letter Keys Options
Company’s address
Opening sentence Strong leadership, customer service and optimizing expenditures
Reasons for writing Your experiences and professionalism
Your qualifications and what you have to offer to the institution
Summarize and thank
Close off

Sample Of An Application Letter In Nigeria

The following application letter below demonstrates how to compose your letter. Carefully go through it to be on the safer side.

Alex Wind
2075 Elliott Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020
+1 510-401-1892



Alicia Benton
General Manager
Bonbon Group
907 Better Street
Los Angeles, CA 90003

Dear Ms Benton,

I can offer my new employer superior customer service, efficient stock control, and inventive twists on classics after 5 years in leadership positions in two reputable and award-winning Canadian restaurants.

I am aware that you don’t have a position for a sou’s chef right now. However, after reviewing your prior job postings, I have chosen to let you know that I’d be a great fit if your restaurant group is looking to expand. I have the potential for rapid advancement, having progressed from line chef to sous chef in a matter of months and then from sous chef to head chef in a year.

I also helped to a 30 per cent boost in revenue by obtaining two significant clients for catering at large-scale events, thanks to a focus on regular upskilling of team members and a strict sanitation routine.

Obtaining a position as a chef at a Bonbon Group restaurant would be both a struggle and a dream come true. The Bonbon Group is well-known in the business for its results, employment possibilities, and dedication to clients.

I share similar characteristics and would welcome the chance to contribute to your success. Could we meet next week to discuss how my experience in kitchen management and leadership may help your business become even more well-known than it already is?

Best regards,

Alex Wind
+1 510-401-1892

How Do I Write A Short Application Letter For 2023

See how to write a short application letter:
  1. Research the company and the job opening
  2. Use a professional format
  3. State the position you are applying for
  4. Explain why you are the best fit for such a position
  5. Summarize your qualifications
  6. Mention why you want the job
  7. Include a professional closing.

How To Write An Application Letter For 2023 Teaching Jobs

How To Write An Application Letter For jobs 2023 – Include a polite and optimistic closing.
  1. Address it to a specific person (Manager or others)
  2. Open with a summary
  3. Outline your education
  4. Highlight your previous work experience
  5. Describe your teaching values
  6. Include a polite closing format

For 2023/2024 guidelines and directions on how to write any kind of application form, you can reach us in our comment section