FG SPW Update On 744 000 NDE Recruitment 2023 | See Today News On Special Public work

FG SPW Update On 744,000 NDE Recruitment 2023 | See the latest news on recruitment for the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) and Special Public Works Programme (SPW) below.

This article will provide the most up-to-date information about the FG 774,000 recruitment. So keep reading to find out what’s hot right now. Below is the most recent FG SPW Update on 744,000 NDE Recruitment.

The National Directorate of Employment (NDE)/Special Public Works Programme (SPW) will commence the 744,000 NDE 2023 Recruitment. But first, look at the most recent trends in the chart below.

FG SPW Update On 744 000 NDE 2023 Recruitment

We recognize the importance of having up-to-date information on the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) and the Special Public Works Program (SPW), which is why we’ve decided to provide it to all interested citizens.

Recruitment for the FG 774,000 position for the 2023 semester will begin soon. The initiative was created to address the paucity of job prospects in rural areas by bringing in 1,000 unemployed people in each Local Government Area for three (3) months on a short-term basis.


  1. Nigerian Police Recruitment
  2. Nigeria Customs Recruitment
  3. Nigerian Air Force Recruitment
  4. Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment
  5. Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment
  6. Nigerian Railway Corporation Recruitment

It’s a temporary job program created to renovate and upkeep public and social infrastructure during the dry season and off-season.

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Participants would be paid a monthly stipend of N20,000 and primarily recruited from the pool of untrained people who live in some rural regions.

Latest News On FG 774 000 Recruitment 2023

The recruitment site for Special Public Works is now accessible at www.specialpublicworks.gov.ng. The official 744,000 NDE Recruitment 2023 portal is www.specialpublicworks.gov.ng. Do not register on any other website than the official 774,000 SPW recruitment page to prevent falling into the wrong hands.

The Nigerian people deserve an ideal worker, and the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) is dedicated to ensuring that the current recruitment operation meets those requirements.

Candidates interested in applying for the 774,000 NDE positions can do so through www.specialpublicworks.gov.ng, the National Directorate of Employment’s (NDE) / Special Public Works Programme’s (SPW) employment portal.

According to the federal government, today is the last day to register for the NDE SPW registration portal. However, this is where you’ll find fresh opportunities.

However, before applying for the Special Public Works Program, we ask that you read and comprehend all essential information about the program before proceeding to the 744,000 NDE Recruitment 2023 registration process. For additional information on how to apply, go to the website above.

Below are a few reasons to apply for the 744,000 NDE Recruitment 2023.

  1. No prior experience is required
  2. The primary educational requirement is a Secondary School Certificate (WASSCE), making it available to all
  3. The 774,000 NDE recruitment exercise is available for citizens of all the states in Nigeria

FG SPW Update on 774 000 Recruitment

From time to time, we will provide information on 744,000 NDE Recruitment 2023. As a result, keep checking this page for recruitment opportunities from the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) and the Special Public Works Programme (SPW).

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