ExxonMobil Salary Structure 2023/2024 Portal | See How Much ExxonMobil Pays Staff Members

ExxonMobil Salary Structure 2023 – ExxonMobil is one of Nigeria’s highest-paying firms in Nigeria. However, Shell, Chevron, and ExxonMobil, among other Nigerian oil companies, compensate their staff members handsomely.

ExxonMobil Nigeria is another Nigerian company that pays its staff members in dollars. Aside from their staff wages, ExxonMobil staff members receive extra benefits.

Below is the ExxonMobil Salary Structure, a view of how ExxonMobil rewards its staff members.

ExxonMobil 2023 Salary Structure

How Much does ExxonMobil have its Staff Members? Below is the ExxonMobil 2023 Salary Structure for employees. See how much employees are paid on an annual basis.

Staff Members ExxonMobil’s wage structure 
Process Engineer $94,971 and $138,713 annually
Chemical Engineers $73,984 and $221,476 each year
Financial Analyst $60,583 and $124,109 annually
Mechanical engineers $65,436 to $198,659 annually
Administrative Assistant $32,024 and $65,074 each year
Assistant Store Manager $17,264 and $33,896 annually
Business Analyst $43,919 to $102,370 yearly
Cashier $16,636 to $26,253 annually
Chemical Laboratory Technician $37,985 to $104,573 annually
Chemical Process Engineer $33,925 to 95,308 dollars yearly
Chemists $40,989 and $85,147 annually
Civil engineers $41,608 and $113,352 annually
Commercial Manager $57,602 and $227,119 every year
Construction Managers $68,487 and $201,658 each year
Control System Engineer $55,794 and $112,951 annually
Convenience store manager $22,584 and $57,166 yearly
Corporate controller $49,404 to $126,072 annually

ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview Process Tips

Remember that the ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview will take you through several stages to determine if you are qualified for the job. Interested candidates applying for a job with ExxonMobil would be brought to the school for further interviews after your first interview.

  1. Nigerian Police Recruitment
  2. Nigeria Customs Recruitment
  3. Nigerian Air Force Recruitment
  4. Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment
  5. Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment
  6. Nigerian Railway Corporation Recruitment
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The first ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview is very technical, but it usually includes many behavioral questions and other screening methods conducted by ExxonMobil Nigeria.

However, the ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview is for your interviewers to know if you are capable of the position you are applying for and vice versa.

ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview Required GPA

Regarding the ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview Required GPA, consider your position as a hiring manager at ExxonMobil Nigeria; on your work desk, you have more than 1000 certificates.

Those candidates who meet the ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview Required GPA criteria will be invited, while others who aren’t professionals will be disqualified.

First, to be considered for a position at ExxonMobil Nigeria, you must possess a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a scale of 5.0, with a second-class upper, which is the minimum requirement for vacant positions.

Note on this publication, we are not talking about a typical second-class upper qualification; instead, what is required for ExxonMobil 2023 Job Interview Required is a high 2.1 GPA.

The ExxonMobil Salary Structure 2023 of staff members will also be updated from time to time here on this page once there is an increment in wages. 

For information on the ExxonMobil Salary 2023 Structure, always visit this portal.