Enduring Issues Essay Examples 2023 | See A Complete Writing Guide Of Enduring Issues Essay Outline

Enduring Issues Essay Examples 2023 | See A Complete Writing Guide Of Enduring Issues Essay Outline

An enduring issues essay is a written assignment in which you must identify and discuss a historically significant concern that has persisted over time and been addressed to varying degrees of success. You will be given five historical documents (docs) to evaluate (rather, snippets from them). As a result, here’s what you may expect to do in this assignment:

  • Determine what enduring issue all documents have in common.
  • Discuss the significance of the chosen subject and how it has lasted.
  • Your argument should be based on a historical interpretation of at least three documents.
  • Demonstrate the causes and effects of the problem you’ve chosen.
  • Demonstrate how it has evolved and changed over time.
  • Use outside data, such as your knowledge or proof from other documents.

First, review the list of frequently mentioned persisting concerns (major category) and their subcategories (subcategories).

We’ve compiled a list of long-term difficulties. After the definition sections, you’ll find it. Please credit this page or our homepage as the source if you want to distribute the infographic.

Definition of Enduring Issues Essay

In history, social studies, and anthropology, long-standing topics are disputed. They come into contact with humanity daily. That is why it is necessary to debate and research them in depth to uncover feasible solutions, and one of the methods to do so is through essay writing.

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Many communities have attempted to address and resolve long-standing issues, with only a few succeeding to some degree. The results of their efforts have been recorded in historical archives.

This is a topic that students studying world history and related courses should consider, especially while looking for the Regents test. Knowing how to navigate various databases and archives and having real-world experience might be beneficial.

Long-term problems are historically significant because they affect multiple generations, regardless of how much time has gone. Evidence of long-term difficulties can be found throughout the world. A student must describe how a single event has touched numerous societies and created long-term ramifications to argue that it is historically significant and should not be overlooked.

The following list was compiled using New York State Education Department data.

Enduring Issues Essay Examples

It is historically significant if an event affects numerous people and has long-term implications. It may be easier to understand what that means with concrete persisting concerns essay examples; therefore, here is a list of the issues pupils may face.

  • Conflicts
  • Cooperation
  • Power
  • Inequality
  • Innovation
  • Interconnectedness
  • Ideas and beliefs
  • Environmental impact
  • Scarcity

How Do I Write An Enduring Issues Essay

Developing a thesis statement is the first step in producing an essay on persistent concerns.

A thesis statement is a portion of the opening to an academic or scientific article in which the author establishes their argument and defines examples to help them defend it.

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It should help you figure out what your anchor paper will be about. Although a thesis statement might be longer than a single sentence, college educators advise staying within three sentences. The following is the formula: Thesis = Claim + Examples.

Outline For An Enduring Issues Essay

However, an Enduring Issues Essay is outline only for one possibility, coming up with built-response questions.

  1. The Introductory Part
  • Rephrase the prompt’s questions in your own words.
  • In at least three documents of your choice, list the concerns you believe are common.
  • Make your argument. Indicate which topic, in your opinion, is the most significant.
  • Define the topic you have chosen.
  • Indicate which papers it appears in the most frequently.
  1. Body Sections

Part 1 — Describe how the problem has impacted people.

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Example 4

Part 2 — Explain how the problem has evolved and what shapes it now takes.

  1. Conclusion
  • Present counterclaim
  • Reiterate your Claim

Enduring Issues Essay Examples

The majority of prompts for such an essay are similar in appearance. Some instances are as follows:

  • Define an enduring or layered issue in three documents by presenting a historically accurate explanation.
  • Using evidence from three papers, identify the problem.
  • Explain why the subject is essential and should be researched.
  • Demonstrate how the topic influenced or was influenced by society.
  • What has been the evolution of the problem throughout time?
  • What is the current state of the problem?

Add information from other sources about world history and social studies, as well as supporting evidence from the materials viewed.

If you’re writing a homework essay, the structure above should suffice. More specific prompts can look like this:

  • Why are human rights violations such a persistent problem?
  • Examine the factors that are causing increased competition for natural resources.
  • Inequality was seen through the eyes of the French and Industrial Revolutions.
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You might begin by identifying the problem and its causes (when it was observed for the first time and why it occurred). It would help to consider whether it has long-term negative or beneficial consequences.

Examine previous works to determine what generations of people did to address the issue and why those efforts needed to be revised.