EFCC Salary Structure 2022 | See EFCC Allowances & Ranks

The EFCC Salary Structure 2022, Allowances, and Ranks For current officers. And being one of the security agencies with many top-secret operatives, the EFCC salary structure is kept out of sight from the public.

Meanwhile, have you ever reflected on how much the EFCC pays its staff members, and what is their salary range? This publication will introduce to you all ranks and divisions, as well as the EFCCs new salary and other related information.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is a federal establishment tasked with interrogating financial crimes such as:

  1. Money laundering
  2. Fraud
  3. Monetary infractions
  4. Tax evasion
  5. And other offenses.


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The Present EFCC Salary Structure with Ranks and Divisions

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission’s (EFCC) remuneration structure generally depends on a number of elements.

And the EFCC pays its staff members based on the number of years of service and even the position they hold. The motivation for our investigation into the numerous positions is obtainable.

EFCC Ranks and Divisions

Generally, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission is divided into five (5) sections with three (3) major ranks of officials. The ranks are listed below, alongside the five divisions.

Ranks of EFCC officers:

(a) Detective Inspector

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(b) Detective Superintendent

(c) Detective Assistant cadres of Cadets

5 Divisions of EFCC:

  1. The administrative division
  2. Cadet division
  3. Certificate courses division
  4. Research, and publications division
  5. And capacity development division

These are generally the above divisions that make up this institution.

The Salary Structure of EFCC and Payscale

Based on the prior mentioned parameters:

  1. An entry-level officer
  2. Or detective with 0 to 2 years of experience pays:
  • N158,000 to N200,000.

The EFCC grades and monthly remunerations are listed below.

(a) Graduate Assistant (Entry Level):

  •  N158,000

(b) Graduate Assistant(Mid-level):

  •  N201,000

(c) Deputy Detective Superintendent:

  •  N 245,000

(d) Agent Detective Superintendent:

  •  N245,000

And these remunerations may vary depending on their position. And we hope you found our publication about the EFCC Salary Structure, Ranks, and Divisions to be educative