Common Entrance Exam Date 2023 Portal | Common Entrance Questions and Answers

Common Entrance Exam Date 2023 – The National Examination Council are now accepting applications from interested applicants for the National Common Entrance Examination for admission into the Federal Government Unity Colleges’ Junior Secondary School (JSS1) for the 2023/2024 academic year sessions.


Eligibility For NCEE 2023 Common Entrance 

Pupils in their final year of primary school who will not be less than ten (10) years of age by September 2023 are entitled to apply. However, candidates must select a school from one of the country’s six (6) geopolitical zones, as announced by the National Common Entrance Examination Board.

The National Common Entrance Examination 2023 is only open for final-year students in primary school.

How To Register For National Common Entrance 2023

The National Common Entrance Examination 2023 registration process must be applied on the registration portal: One of the applicants once asked us through our comment section, inquiring about the cost of a standard admission form. For more information on the National Common Entrance Examination, keep reading.

a. Candidates within Nigeria:

The Heads of Primary Schools are to contact their respective State Ministries of Education or NECO State Offices to inquire about or obtain Scratch Cards and make them available for the pupil who will be registering on the registration portal.


The cost of the National Common Entrance Examination scratch card is 1,200.00 Naira per candidate, payable into the NECO Treasury Single Account in any Commercial Bank close to you.

However, private candidates can also get their registration scratch cards from NECO State Offices close to them at the cost of 1,200.00 Naira after depositing the above amount into the NECO Treasury Single Account.

b. Candidates living in Europe and other overseas Countries:

Candidates outside Nigeria (Europe And Other Oversea Countries) are to deposit $400.00 into the NECO Treasury Single Account in any of the Commercial Banks.

Embassies, or Consulates, should pick up the NECO Result scratch cards from any nearest NECO State Office. Candidates outside Nigeria are to note the National Examination Council centres are only available within the country.

c. Online Registration Procedure:

  • To register for the National Examination Council, visit the login portal:
  • The registration cost must be paid
  • Complete the application
  • Submit your NECO registration form and print the registration slip out.

Candidates are to note that after the NECO examination, you will not be able to change your personal information such as your name, date of birth, or state of origin.


Interested candidates must use an active email address to register in the login portal, as the portal may require you to validate your email address. Using an inactive email may affect your NECO registration.

d. Candidates Must Choose Between The 1st And 2nd Choice Of Federal Government Unity Colleges.

Candidates who are blind must register on the NECO official portal, like another one else. They are expected to notify the NECO State Officer in any State close to them, and they must notify the NECO State Officer at least three weeks before the examination date.

NCEE Common Entrance Exam Date & Timetable 2023

What is the official date for the 2023/2024 Common Entrance? The NECO National Common Entrance 2022/2023 Exam Date was rescheduled from Saturday, April 23, 2022, to May 7, 2022. However, the NECO examination date for the 2023/2024 session has not been announced.

If the time on the NECO National Common Entrance question paper may differ from the time on the exam timetable. Be that as it may, the time on the question paper must be followed strictly.

And for others, candidates who are albinos or blind may be given an extra time of 30 minutes at the end of each exam paper. For the NECO National Common Entrance exam, blind candidates must use the NECO OBR Customized braille sheet as announced on the NECO registration portal.

The NECO National Common Entrance examination will consist of the following:


  • Part A – Mathematics and Basic Science
  • Part B – English and Social Studies.


  • Part A – Quantitative and Vocational Aptitude
  • Part B – Verbal Aptitude.

Common Entrance 2023 Questions And Answers

BELOW ARE A FEW OF THE NECO EXAM QUESTIONS: National Common Entrance Exam 2023/2024 Questions and Answers. Read the passage and follow the instructions carefully

  • Section A: English Language:

In this article, these monkeys were beautiful to watch, but they feed on farm crops around a forest and they were very smart. These monkeys could spot a farmer who owns the crops from a far distance and quickly moves away, and they did that several times successfully without being caught.

These monkeys would pick the farmer’s ripe cocoa, and bananas and feed on them until they were all satisfied. Several bunches of bananas and pods of cocoa were lost in a single visit by these monkeys.

Although these monkeys did not take away the crops, however, they competed with these farmers in harvesting and destroying their crops, and they left the farmers very sad after such visits which later provoked all the farmers to become hunters as a result of this they all owned guns which prompted the farmers to go to their farm with their guns.

  • The passage states that ————–

A. None of the monkeys had been killed
B. The farmers usually killed the monkeys
C. The monkeys escaped unhurt, many times
D. The monkeys were always guarded

  • Which above word can correctly replace (Smart) with regard to this passage is ——————

A. Agile
B. Clever
C. Watchful
D. Fast

  • Above, farmers wanted to kill the monkeys because ————

A. Destructive
B. Greedy
C. Smart
D. Stubborn

  • These farmers kept their guns because ——

A. So that the monkeys might not steal from the farmers.
B. So that the monkeys would not see them
C. To scare the monkeys away
D. So that farmers could take them

  • The above title for the passage is ——–

A. Competition between monkeys and farmers
B. How monkeys harvested crops
C. Hunting down wicked monkeys
D. The monkeys and the farmers



(a) Sin abiisi se isobkeufanikoami

  • Nnyiniberemb—-e

A. I
B. U
C. R
D. O

  • Eno aka ut—-m

A. E
B. O
C. I
D. T

  • Ekood die me idioonoami 59 “?”

A. Koma
B. Idioonombuume
C. Idioonomkpaidem
D. Id^k

  • 60 “+”

A. Sio
B. Dian
C. Nam Awak

NCEE 2023 Closing Date 

The National Common Entrance Examination 2022/2023 registration was scheduled on 23rd April 2022. But the NCEE 2023/2024 Registration closing date and online registration date have not been released on the registration portal.

Once the National Common Entrance Examination Board releases official dates for the 2023 registration and closing date, we will update this page.