Federal Universities Academic/Non-academic Staff 2022 Salary Structure

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This page contains further information about the Academic and Non-academic Staff Salary Structure, as well as other pertinent information. See the table below for the Federal Universities’ compensation structure and allowances.

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The compensation structure of Nigerian university professors is of interest to most Nigerians interested in pursuing a career in academia.

Here is what most people ask:

  • How much does a Professor earn at a Nigerian University?
  • How much does a graduate assistant earn?
  • How much does an assistant lecturer earn?

We have compiled the full salary structure of Nigerian Universities

Academic and Non-academic Staff Salary Structure in Federal Universities

i Professor CONUASS 7 (N4,580,349 – N6,020,163.00)p.a.
ii Reader CONUASS 6 (N3,768,221 – N5,004,750.00)p.a.
iii Senior Lecturer CONUASS 5 (N3,091,505 – N4,455,506.00)p.a.
iv Lecturer I CONUASS 4 (N2,079,996 – N2,684,010.00)p.a.
v Lecturer II CONUASS 3 (N1,649,509 – N1,979,640.00)p.a.
i. Deputy Unuversity Librarian CONUASS 6 (N3,768,221 – N5,004,750.00)p.a.
ii. Principal Librarian CONUASS 5 (N3,091,505 – N4,455,506.00)p.a.
iii. Senior Librarian CONUASS 4 (N2,079,996 – N2,684,010.00) p.a.
iv. Librarian I CONUASS 3 (N1,649,509- N1,979,640.00)p.a
v. Librarian II CONUASS 2 (N1,451,071 – N1,754,902.00)p.a
vi. Graduate Librarian CONUASS 1 (N1,263,377-  N1,447,767.00)p.a
i. CONTISS 13 (N2,723,069 – N3,632,404.00)p.a.
ii. CONTISS 12 (N2,014,717 –N2,827,525.00)p.a.
iii. CONTISS 11 (N1,823,167 – N2,578,127.00)p.a.
iv. CONTISS 9 (N1,449,363 –N2,109,627.00)p.a.
v. CONTISS 8 (N1,247,854 – N1,855,515.00)p.a.
vi. CONTISS 7 (N1,073,217-  N1,589,508.00)p.a.
v. CONTISS 6 (N698,251 – N1,062,683.00)p.a.
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The current Academic and Non-academic Staff Salaries are listed above. This knowledge will surely be valuable to you if you wish to pursue a career in a Federal Universities.

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