20 Sponsored Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2022

20 Sponsored Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2022: Mostly, a healthcare assistant is a professional who helps victims/patients with their everyday activities, and gives assist to nurses in other areas when needed.


And other healthcare settings that render help and personal care to patients. And generally as a health assistant, it is important that you work with established care practices and plans under basic direct supervision.

In addition to this, do you want to know more about healthcare assistant jobs that are generally available in the UK? If that’s have been on your mind, please continue reading:

Sponsored Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2022

These are the Healthcare Assistant Jobs listed below:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Clinical Oncology
  3. Outpatients in Spire Healthcare Ltd, Blackpool
  4. General Practice
  5. Accident And Emergency
  6. Trauma And Orthopaedic Surgery
  7. Clinical Support
  8. Social Care
  9. Primary Care
  10. Healthcare Assistant, Whipps Cross
  11. FoC Home Healthcare Assistant
  12. Health Care Assistant
  13. Inpatient Senior Healthcare Assistant
  14. Healthcare Assistant (Wards)
  15. Bank of Paediatrics (Health Care Assistant)
  16. Community Health Care Assistant
  17. Healthcare Assistant (Clinical Assistant)
  18. Health Care Assistant (Drury Healthcare: Clacton)
  19. Ambulance Care Assistant
  20. Community Healthcare Assistant: (Carrick)

What Is A Healthcare Assistant?

Healthcare Assistant generally work in creating a comfortable health environment for patients, by assisting and supporting patients in their everyday activities in divergent healthcare settings, ranging from:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Clinics
  3. And residential homes.

Also, such individual have to be ready and willing to generally work in conjunction with healthcare professionals in miscellaneous working environments like:

  1. Maternity
  2. Surgery
  3. Community
  4. Mental health to ensure patient’s safety
  5. comfort
  6. And first-hand care.

Most important, it is important to have the required qualifications if you want to work as a healthcare assistant.


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20 Sponsored Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2022

Let’s look at some of the 20 sponsored healthcare assistant jobs in the UK, which includes the following, listed below:

  • Mental Health:

Most importantly, there is an available job at:

  1. Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
  2. Rayleigh/ Canvey Island

And, It would be an excitement moment to join the community mental health team, as you will continue to assist, encourage and transform the delivery of mental health services, even in the localities.

  • Clinical Oncology:

Generally, for Band 2, the nursing assistant oncology ward, cancer centre, and Churchill Hospital. And, are you one of those individual who has the passion to help and assist people? Or are you looking for a part/role with the progression of these opportunities?

In addition, this is a rewarding job that makes a different? Meanwhile, this hospital is recruiting a new incoming nursing assistant for other oncology ward.

  • Outpatients In Spire Healthcare Limited, Blackpool:

This institution which are known as Healthcare Ltd, Blackpool is in need for a healthcare assistant, as a means to enable outpatients to have an exciting opportunity. And if you are interested, you can visit the Outpatients In Spire Healthcare Limited, Blackpool official to apply, and make sure your Curriculum Vitae is up-to-date.

  • General Practice:

Company of central advertising, as well as general practitioners Laleham Road, Shepperton for car part healthcare assistant. For all individual who are interested, will join a team which is made up of:

  1. Three (3) nurses
  2. And four (4) healthcare assistants.

As its working days are between:

  1. Monday
  2. To Friday.
  • Accident And Emergency:

The London North West University Healthcare (NHS) Trust, Harrow is a busy institution, particularly its emergency department, which has close to 300 patients day after day.

Also, this institution are looking for healthcare assistants to assist/enhance the patient’s health ability.

  • Trauma And Orthopaedic Surgery:

Mostly, it would be a nice opportunity for you, if you can work in the Nottingham University Hospital NHS, mainly in its surgery session at the city campus on Edward 2.

This institution are looking for energetic, energize, and dedicated healthcare assistants that have the passion to handle patients.

  • Clinical Support:

The NHS professional: Are in need of flexible workers that has a certified healthcare certificate or individual who has completed his/her clinical training certificate within a period of 12 weeks of the start date NVQ L2/3 in H&SC. Furthermore, there is a shift in duty with regard to day and night.

  • Social Care:

Mostly, Cygnet Health Care, Knutsford are in need of devoted Healthcare Assistant that has the passion that can give magnificent care to patient. Healthcare Assistant are expected to work at least five (5) hours a week, with its working timetable, to make difference in the health of patients who are undergoing treatment and care at the Tabley House Nursing Home.

  • Primary Care:

There are lots of opportunity that is available currently for a healthcare assistant surgery. And, if you are interested to join the medical team, then you can apply.

  • Healthcare Assistant, Whipps Cross:

Mostly, working in this clinic, which is based at Whipps cross hospital, require a healthcare assistant to work for a week, and as well work in other clinics that are based around East London/Essex.

To secure a healthcare assistant job in this hospital, you will require to work in its different medical centres, which means you will be working in divergent locations each day.

  • FoC Home Healthcare Assistant:

Generally, If you are in need of care? Or do you want to render your services by visiting patients at homes who are in need of health challenges, as one of the means to be of care to them in their different homes? If yes

Then a home healthcare worker is required, which the home healthcare worker will be fully funded in training, which also includes, the support for the care certificate.

  • Health Care Assistant:

There are good opportunities for a self-motivated healthcare assistant who will work in the new developing community investigation Hubs, which is based in the Taunton Vale Health Card Black brook Centres.

There, their duty is to give services to the PCN In the community Investigation Hub, for a generally specified tests that are being requested in the community.

  • Inpatient Senior Healthcare Assistant:

This institution wants to offer a good opportunity to knowledgeable nursing assistant to join the nursing team to give:

  1. Proper care
  2. Hemodialysis
  3. And plasma exchange to total free inpatients.
  • Healthcare Assistant – Wards:

The Album Hospital that which resides in Aberdeen is among the circle of health groups, and it is Britain’s paramount provider of independent healthcare, which is the:

  1. National network for hospitals
  2. And clinics to perform more surgery.

And, mostly, there are exciting opportunity for assistant healthcare to join their staff in the ward.

  • Bank Paediatrics Health Care Assistant:

For anyone who is interested in working with this institution, will join the Skyline Children And Young People’s Outpatient Department, to generally see various patients in a range of:

  1. Medical
  2. Surgical
  3. And orthopaedics appointments.
  • Community Health Care Assistant:

Substantially, the objective of the job is to assist them to carry out assigned duty regularly working without direct supervision involving direct care to its patients in the Wadebridge Health Office.

  • Healthcare Assistant (Clinical Assistant):

In addition, there is an available job offer for a clinical assistant, to join the Taunton PET | CT team. And, this clinical assistant job, is generally a full-time position that requires:
  1. 40 hours a week
  2. Attracting a nice salary.
  • Health Care Assistant – Drury Healthcare- Clacton:

Drury healthcare Limited helps to maintain or promote the independence of an individual, by enhancing them to have good providers, and they also deliver well-tailored services as well. Meanwhile, due to the expansion of this institution, they generally have a job offer for the healthcare assistant to cover the Clacton and tendering area and its locality.

  • Ambulance Care Assistant:

Did you wish to be a part of these team, to assist and deliver a unique service to patients in the South Yorkshire Area? In case that has been your desire, then you can apply and join the Ambulance Care Assistant to generally support patients during delivering, and rendering a quality service, and the only to this opportunity is by applying for this job.

  • Community Healthcare Assistant – Carrick:

Mainly, they are looking for a devoted healthcare assistant who has the passion to be a part of this dynamic team, to assist individuals who have decided to stay in their homes for medical care. And with regard to this development, this institution, in other words, wants to expand their services to enable them to reach those staying home.


As you can see, with the above 20 Sponsored Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2022, which we have mentioned here in this article, and to avoid been disqualified, please make sure that you have undergone all requirement and education qualifications before applying for any of the following 20 Sponsored Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK for the year 2022/2023