Get a High Paying Job in Canada Without a University degree – Apply Now

Are you tired of this Job struggle with low pay? Then this is for you. You don’t have to go to the university for four years to secure a job while you can secure a job and start working independently after 3 years of on-the-job training. It is true that education is the best legacy but if the best legacy cannot get you a job, what’s the essence? Canada is a country that can still offer you a lot than just the business but also an international education system to fulfill the dreams if you still want the dream.


These are the lists of High Paying jobs in Canada without a University Degree:

  1. Electrician: An electrician is a skilled person who is skillful in the installation of new electrical devices, maintenance or repair of electrical components. They work in different settings like public places, industrial, commercial and at residential area in installing electrical system and maintenance of the system. This Job is high in demand in Canada provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, etc. and pays averagely $58, 695 per annum.
  2. Industrial Butchers: They work in places like meat processing plants, cutting and preparing meats for distribution. This job does not require a degree even though you ought to have physical strength and capability to adjust in the type of environment. Some people love to work with their hand and enjoy cutting with precision which make them suitable for this kind of job. Industrial butchers are in high demand in most provinces in Canada and pay averagely at $39, 000 per annum.
  3. Plumbing Works: This job looks very lucrative and requires no university degree or diploma certificate. Even though there are numerous certification programs available to you for training in commercial and residential plumbing works. An exam is also required to certify your skill and you can start working after you have passed the exam. Plumbing works or projects seem to be much available in Canada and the competition seems very low. And this job pays $47, 510 annually.
  4. Diesel Mechanics: This requires you to have at least two years of on-the-job training, write a test, and pass an oral exam and practical tests. To be successful in this field, you ought to have a good knowledge of automotive technology and experience in car repairs. This skill pays $43,110 annually.
  5. Construction and Heavy Equipment: This job requires a special knowledge of the heavy machine and the operation modules of the equipment to be well learned. You will need to enroll yourself to learning and earning a certificate at the end.
  6. Painting and Decorating: Painting and decorating is one of the most demand jobs in Canada. After the completion of apprenticeship and earning a certificate at the end will see you as a qualified professional and can work independently. This job requires no university degree and pays highly an average of $21,110 annually.
  7. Professional Transport Truck Drivers: Truck drivers have always been in high demand in Canada. A degree is not required for this job but there is need for driver’s license and specialized training. Drivers can travel, meet and explore various provinces in Canada and still earns a high income. Transport truck drivers are paid highly at $46,800 annually.
  8. Licensed Practical Nurse(LPNs): Every interested individuals aspiring to work in the health sector but they possess no university degree either in relation to health or not can become a Licensed Practical Nurse. They will be trained to provide basic nursing care, administration of medications, checking vital signs, and assisting patients’ care. To be a licensed practical nurse, you must complete a practical nursing program and get a license. LPNs are always in high demand in Canada and pay an average salary of $55, 965 annually.
  9. Farm Workers: Farming job require no university degree but physical strength, power and adaptability to the agricultural seasons in the country is necessary. Agriculture is the bedrock of a country’s wellbeing and it employs labour, produces food and other agricultural products. The average annual salary for farm workers in Canada is $35, 100.
  10. Crane Operator: A crane operator is a skilled individual who knows well how to operate cranes. It is a job that seems to be in high demand and lucrative in Canada. The average salary for a crane operator in Canada is $68, 264.

Immigration to Canada without a university degree is only possible with the following immigration programs namely:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Permit (TFWP): This is a general immigration programs for anyone looking forward to visit Canada for work, visiting, holidays, etc. This allows anyone outside Canada to work in the country after a valid job offer from a Canadian employer and able to meet with other requirements lay down by the Canadian government.
  • Pilot Programs: Examples of pilot programs are: Atlantic immigration pilot, Rural and Northern immigration, Agri-food immigration pilot programs. These programs give way to permanent residency even for individuals without a degree.
  • The IEC Working Holiday: This program allows individuals from different countries to work and live in Canada. For this type of pilot programs, a degree is not required but meeting other requirement like an IEC work permit and eligibility criteria is important.

Get the Job Now, Apply For a Position

Due to low education requirement, you must write a perfect Canadian resume to increase your chances of finding a job in Canada. ‘

You need to emphasize more on your skills and how much you can offer to the firm. You have to conduct a research using accredited online job portals, they will provide all the required information; requirements, eligibility criteria, preferred job, etc.

Some of the Popular online Canadian Job Portals include:


Indeed – Click here tp apply online

Canada Job bank  – Click here to search and apply

Glassdoor – Apply here

Monster.  etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which of the provinces in Canada is the best to migrate to without a Degree?

Alberta has been known for its oil and gas industry and Ontario is a place known for manufacturing even though other provinces in Canada are also available with many other opportunities.

  • What are the benefits of working in Canada without a degree?

Working in Canada is always beneficent and without a degree you get to enjoy employment opportunities in essential position like electrician, construction, agriculture, etc. And also live a good standard life due to stable income and enabling environment.