Canada Visa Processing Time Interval – Start Application

Canada Visa processing time indeed takes a longer time. But it depends on the type of Visa you are applying for. It may be frustrating to some people who are eager to move to Canada as soon as possible. The demand for people moving to the country is increasing rapidly since the country’s economy is one of the largest economy in the world. We will provide for you in this article a complete guide to Canadian Visa Application process, types of Visa and Frequently Asked Questions too.


Canada Visa Application

Canada Visa Application Process involves the series of activities to successfully apply for a visa. The steps to follow mostly depend on the type of visa applied for but the following are the basic steps:

1. Find out about your eligibility: to check if you are eligible for a Canada visa, the Canadian government has implored an easy system to make the process easier. They create a reasoning test that will be used to evaluate eligibility of the applicants by asking them to fill out a questionnaire which is constructed according to the type of Visa applied for. However, this can be done easily on the government portal – visit here.

On getting to the website, it will show you different tabs and information to select but you must click on the immigration tab. This will display a drop-down list of options like immigrate, work, study, and others. Choose the one that goes along with the visa you want to apply for. After the selection, it will show “find out if you can apply” or find out if you are eligible”. Click on this link and the questionnaire will be displayed on your screen having different questions on personal information, the purpose of travelling, travel history, etc. At the end, the result will be shown to certify if you are eligible for the type of visa you selected or other ones. They will send you a list of documents via the email you submitted with a reference code. The reference code is important; keep it in a safe place.


2. Create an online account: Along in the instructions sent to your email, you may have to apply online or be there in person. Using your online banking login to create an account for payment or create a Government of Canada login (GCKey).

3. Submit your documents: If your account is login, you can begin your application with your reference code. The system will show you a list of documents to submit. After the submission of these documents, you will be redirected to the payment portal. This will complete your application.

How to Check for Canada Visa application Processing time?

This processing time inform you of how long it may take to process most complete application in the past. It begins when you completed the application and ends when you receive a result notification via your email. You can check for the current visa processing time on the IRCC’s official website under the label “Check processing time”. Click on the application type, the residence application and where are you applying from. The result will display after filling the above and clicking on “Get the processing time”.

What next after a successful application?

Canada visa application takes different turns sometimes but during this processing time. Things that may be required of you to submit your biometrics, or even an interview depending on the visa you apply for. The processing time is always tiring and sometimes it’s not. The Canada Immigration (IRCC) requires a lot of things to be done after application like getting a medical exam or police certificate. Other things that may have triggered the delay may include: the situation of visa application at the moment, where you are applying from, how efficient the information you submitted, holidays, weekends or unforeseen events.

To beat the processing time, do these:

  • Apply earlier enough to beat the delays, track your progress, check your email messages every time, upload necessary documents, and pay all fees.
  • Complete your application earlier: Give honest answers to all questions and provide all documents requested to avoid rejection and time wasting.
  • You are to attend an interview? Dress corporately, talk briefly on questions you know or you don’t know about. Appear with confidence and throw away all anxiousness. Bring all your documents to the interview.
  • If your visa is approved, you’re set to travel. Get all the travel documents like visa, passport, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Application

Can I re-apply if my Canada Visa is rejected?

You can always re-apply again at any time after being rejected if your rejection letter does not state you cannot do so. But if the situation has changed or you have found more information that may get you an approval, you can re-apply again.

Can I get a refund if my Canada visa application is rejected?

The fees are non-refundable. It does not change even if your application is rejected. This is because the fee is purposely for visa application to be processed. In some situation, you may a get a refund if you withdraw application before the submission or if your application is one of the following:

  • Right of permanent residence
  • Open work permit
  • International Experience Canada (IEC)
  • Employer compliance
  • Right of citizenship etc.

How long does it take to get a visitor visa?

Getting a Canada visa quicker depends on the type of visa requested. But the range for a visitor visa is usually between 3-70 weeks.

How long does it take to get a student visa?

This time varies with countries i.e. where you are applying from. You may want to use the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program. It is for students from certain countries and is faster. But a student visa takes 3 – 20 weeks.

How long does it take to get a permanent residence in Canada?

A permanent residence varies by immigration program and the country.

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