Work As Caregiver in Canada? Get Certified now!

Canada has a low availability of caregivers in the country and has been a worrying issue threatening the health of the citizens. The government has taken up the project to search for qualified professional to take up the role of a caregiver and provide all the care for children, old people, retirees and people with special medical condition.  The caregiver program in Canada offers a life time opportunity due to the flexibility in the working hours and the requirement are minimal and not hard to reach.


How to get certified?

Getting certified as a caregiver is not tedious as there are many of opportunities, trainings and courses prepared for you. The program teaches you how to help in times of emergency, helping families or relatives in need and managing relationship among members of the family. During the course of certification, you may be trained in:

1. First Aid and Emergency care

This allows you to perform simple first aid procedures like CPR. First aid like wound dressing, etc. Professional caregivers with this certification gains more edge than others.


2. Home Health Aide

This is a type of caregiver certification that teaches the principle of medical care, care of the aged, medical emergency care and care of the special person. This may not require high school certificate or degree certificate.

3. Certified Nursing Assistant Training (CAN)

This certification provides you with the basic care and how to assist sick patients in getting better. This program covers the area of home care, curative care, nursing care and others.

Other caregiver certification include those specially trained caregivers who are  trained only to give a particular point of care. These include: Dementia care, Parkinson’s care certification, etc.

Types of Caregiver Programs in Canada

 Canada has three caregiver programs for workers who are looking forward to work as a caregiver in the country. These include:

  • The Live-In Caregiver Program : This program is for foreigners who are willing to work as a caretaker for their children or families with special conditions in their home. This requires the applicants to have a valid work permit, work experience as a Home caregiver, tested language proficiency and a minimum of high school certificate. 
  • Home Child Care Provider Program: The caregivers under this program help the parents to take of their children while they are busy. These may include other duties in domestic chores like cooking, washing, etc.
  • Home support worker Pilot program: It is a five year program. These caregivers usually work for special people like the aged, the high class people and people in rehabilitation. They help in taking care of them in different activities like bathing feeding, using their drugs, etc.

Where to get Certified online?

Todays learning class is beyond the four side of a wall. Its unlimited such that everyone can learn everywhere at any time online. You can get certified online as a caregiver via many websites. Some of websites include:

  1. Life Saving Society: They provide first aid and CPR training. You can learn online via their website, Click here.
  2. Heart and Stroke Foundation: They provide CPR and First aid training but offer healthcare services training. You can visit their website here – Apply here
  3. Canadian Red Cross: The Canada red cross also offer both physical and online classes in CPR and first aid training. Click here to Visit their website
  4. St. John Ambulance Canada: This website offers different CPR and First aid training. They have other training modules specifically for caregivers and childcare providers. Visit their website here.
  5. Others include, ( etc.

How to apply As a caregiver in Canada

In Canada, Job seekers must have gotten a job offer from a valid Canada citizen then other things can follow like Visa application, work permit, etc. But as a caregiver in Canada, you must fulfill other requirements including:

  1. The caregiver must have at least 6 months of training as a caregiver
  2. The caregiver must meet the language proficiency level.
  3. The caregiver must meet the academic and education requirements i.e a minimum of high school certificate diploma certificate.
  4. The caregiver must have at least a year experience working as a caregiver in Canada.

Canada Visa Processing Time Interval – Start Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I work temporarily as a caregiver?

Yes, you can work temporarily as a caregiver if you are yet to meet with the requirement of becoming a permanent residence.

  • How much do I get to earn as caregiver?

Caregiver pays well in Canada. The average salary for a caregiver is $20.16 per hour and annual salary is $60,936. This depends on the caregiver program, you are into.

  • Is CPR online training certificates accepted in Canada?

Yes, it is accepted. One of the websites that offers the certification online is also Canadian Red Cross who offered both physical and online to all Canada citizens.

  • Among the CPR certification, which is the best?

The certificate that fits in perfectly into the curriculum is STANDARD FIRST AID CPR/AED (Level A, C, or BLS).