Inksnation Verification 2022 | See Inksnation Payment Now

Inksnation Verification 2022, Payment Date And Verification, has been announced. Meanwhile, a quick analysis of Inksnation’s timetable that generally came out after today’s meeting


Inksnation Verification 2022

  1. From November, 12th – December, 12th
  2. All verification of members using BVN will begin from the old members before the new member’s verification will commerce
  3. All funds will drop in your wallet on the 12th of November
  4. And as usual, an exchange will start on December, 14th
  5. December, 14th – December, 20th
  6. And Inks market will take place all over the 36 States, including FCT for 7 days in general
  7. The exchange will be strictly for goods and services
  8. Fintech Upgrade And Microfinance Bank integration will commence from November, 12th, 2020 to March 12th, 2021

(a) Also, all children will wait till we are done with upgrades in March 2021

  1. The reason is that children don’t possess BVN.

Please in case you have any questions, kindly leave your comment in our comment section, and let’s deal with it together.

  1. INKSNATION Shall Commerce Payment to all Verified Users, Check Here:

When Is Inksnation Starting Payment

Finally, the long-awaited INKSNATION May 12th Update is here, the day promised to ink members will be the cash-out day. All inks members, both old and new, have been looking forward to this day with high hopes.

  1. HOME JOBS VACANCY INKSNATION Begins Payment To Verified Users – Check Here:
  2. JOBS VACANCY INKSNATION Begins Payment to Verified Users – Check Here
Eventually, the long-awaited:
  1. INKSNATION May 12th Update is here once more, and the day promised to ink members generally will be the cash-out day

Meanwhile, all inks members, both old and new, have been looking forward to this day with high hopes. And the INKSNATION Begins Payment to Verified Users To Verify, Check Here:


And, most importantly, we bring you the latest direction about Inksnation, and we advised you to read through, all these procedures so that you do not miss out on valid updates, on how you can generally access the Inksnation website and get paid.

Before we proceed, let’s recall that iBSmartify Nigeria invented the:

  1. World’s First Blockchain For Human Asset Development (Inks Ledger) At Large
  2. And The World’s First Charitable Trust, DAO (Inks Nation)

With the intent to reduce the rate of poverty in any country in less than 9 months

  1. Incentivizing goodness
  2. Promoting love
  3. Unity
  4. Oneness
  5. Peace
  6. And equitable distribution of wealth.

This upgrade which occurred that prevented inks members from accessing its official portal:, and at the time, we have a lot of things in place to make sure Inksnation stands the test of time.

Inksnation achievements:

  • Conversion of PINKOINS to any cryptocurrency of your choice through the official dashboard
  • Conversion of 20% to cash, while shopping for something else through the:
  1. DRCB wallet.
  • Also, print recharge cards with any company’s name on the Inksnation VTU portal.
  • You can as well use PINKOINS to purchase goods and services at any of the markets from Inksnation merchants.

In addition, you can use PINKOINS to pay for:

  1. Transport fares, which have been officially launched by INKSNATION Transport stations

(a) Like GOD IS GOOD MOTORS, will be done soon

It had earlier been enabled to divulge the upgraded website, which may occur on the:

  1. 12th May and as long as the targeted 2000 merchants in its LGA nationwide
  2. Or 1,548,000 merchants in Nigeria are achieved.

As we are here to inform you that the Inksnation official website: has now been enabled officially, because of the ability of this institution which has achieved:

  1. 2000 merchants per LGA nationwide
  2. Or 1,548,000 merchants in Nigeria.

And, all Verified Inksnation Users are now qualified to:

  1. Withdraw
  2. And send out PINKOINS to any channel through its newly upgraded Inksnation website.

Check Inksnation Payment

To get paid on Inksnation, please kindly:

  1. First, visit its official portal:
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Click on Payment methods
  4. Choose the Payment method, which you want
  5. And proceed to the next step
  6. Please also, remember, you must be a Verified Member or a verified User on the Inksnation platform before you will be enabled to perform any of the transactions on the Inksnation portal