Apply For Federal Government Empowerment Loan 2022/2023

Apply For Federal Government Empowerment Loan 2022 | Federal Government Empowerment Loan Application Form To elevate SMEs in the country as a means to increase the production of agriculture and commodity. To boost your business, you can apply for a loan in Nigeria.


As far as you are a citizen of Nigeria, you are eligible for these federal government empowerment loan in 2022, which is also known as grants, but first, you have to apply using the Federal Government Empowerment Loan Application Form.

And secondly, as long as such applicants have provided all needed requirements, then such a person will then have the chance of securing these loans.

The Federal Government Empowerment Loan is generally aimed to improve and motivate agriculture and businesses, as a medium to provide opportunities and jobs that will empower citizens and communities throughout Nigeria.

 Federal Government Empowerment Loan 2022 Scheme

The following is the list for the federal government empowerment loan 2022:


Survival Fund Loan is one of the federal government’s schemes, which is aimed to improve businesses and agricultural products in Nigeria

This loan was initiated by the Federal Government as a follow-up for Npower program participants. And most importantly, this initiative was designed to inspire Nigerians to embrace entrepreneurship through funds

  • SEIFAC and CBN Anchor Borrowers program

This resourcefulness support is designed to encourage farmers to farm and produce more agricultural production

Generally, through the provision of financial resources to:

  1. Farmers
  2. Artisans
  3. And traders,

And in addition, this loan program has been made possible by the Federal Government, as a means to grow and improve the growth of the economy in Nigeria.


The Central Bank of Nigeria generally established this loan, as one of the mediums to boost all agricultural-related businesses in Nigeria.

Federal Government Empowerment Loan Application Procedures

Meanwhile, each loan program has determined requirements that must be met

Here is how to apply and submit your application:

  • Visit the loan’s official registration page:

(a) If you want to apply for one. For instance, GEEP example:

  • Go to the official portal where you want to apply for a loan
  • Read the instructions listed on its portal
  • And fill in the following information
  1. Surname, First Name, Other Name
  2. Gender
  3. Contact Address
  4. Email address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Marital Status
  7. Place of birth
  8. Date Of Birth
  9. State Of Origin
  10. Hometown
  11. LGA of Birth
  12. Business Proposal
  13. Amount(s) of Funds
  14. Account Name
  15. Account number
  16. Bank Name
  17. And a valid phone number
  • And, when you are ready to apply
  • Please, go to the State’s National Orientation Agency.

Most importantly, there is an empowerment program for you, no matter your profession or sector. And all you ought to do is to systemize the:

  1. Required documents
  2. And submit an application.

Also, the Federal Government has advised and cautioned all applicants who will be applying for this scheme, not to pay any person or group of persons who promises to facilitate/fasten their grant. As this Federal Government Empowerment Loan Scheme, 2022 Application Forms are absolutely free.